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We are often asked - “Can you create plush toys of non-standard and even ridiculously large sizes like 1 to 2.5 meters?” And our answer is “Yes!” We can and love to sew gigantic soft-stuffed characters from any material - plush, microplush, eco-leather, wool, faux fur. Such products, as a rule, are created on a frame so that this entire mass of fabric and filler holds its shape and does not sag or “spread out.” And the fabric itself is further strengthened during the process, which gives us almost ideal shaping. This is our proprietary technology, which allows us to obtain high-quality and beautiful products in XXXL size without unnecessary voids, sagging, and other unpleasant nuances that are often found on mass stitching products. We also create and develop individual decor, such as furniture and toys, a new direction in the design of your interiors:

- Unusual design of a toy or interior - in the form of stylistic furniture or huge large soft toys (for example, a sofa chair, a sofa back cushion, a pillow in the shape of an animal, a toy chair, a chaise lounge toy, a toy bed, unique interior decor, textile sculpture, exclusive furniture).

- Individual approach - bespoke production or individual solutions - with the possibility of using different materials and combined uses. Fantasy forms can be of all sorts: popular characters, sofa chairs, sofa back cushions, textile and furniture sculpture.

- The uniqueness of the gift - all kinds of designs for different tasks: from upholstered furniture developed according to your projects, to marketing and advertising structures using textile technologies.

- Functional design of your ideas - we can create textile products on a frame (wire, wood, mixed). - Safety and environmental friendliness of materials - because we use the best fabrics (pile, short-pile, faux fur, plush, microplush and any other options for the required task).

- Hypoallergenic fillers (holofiber, synthetic fluff, foam balls, foam rubber, etc.).

- A wide range of applications for our products (for home, institutions, exhibitions, public events, children's parties, corporate tasks).

- A variety of patterns and embroidery on fabric (electronic embroidery, thermal application, digital printing). - Multifunctionality - our products can simply serve as toys or upholstered furniture, or unusual home decor. Therefore, when you decide to decorate your home, nursery, holiday, or event with a huge plush furniture product, remember that our phone number is in the contacts section! Give us a call! Big toys portfolio.



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