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Пошив больших мягких игрушек

Huge soft toy decor furniture up to 2.5 metres.

custom big soft cat

Another impressive incarnation of the cartoon character cat of impressive size, the toy, according to the idea, was supposed to serve as a pillow. The length of the toy is one and a half metres and is designed for the size of a bed. A delightful gift of inordinate scale was given on New Year's Eve. There was no limit to the owner's happiness as it was her most favourite character. We design and create the most daring and plush fantasies, in various sizes.

soft bear sofa chair

Want to delight your prince or princess with a creative gift? A polar bear, aka a big sofa chair, will be a great choice for your little one. It will even replace a white horse or help to imagine yourself as a pilot of a formula one car! After all, on it you can not only sit and lie watching your favourite cartoon, read, and also play, coming up with different plots for games, which will favourably affect the development of imagination and creativity of the child. Thanks to high quality Italian fur, this armchair sofa will become an anti-stress for the whole family. After all, everyone will want to stroke it and even hug it. Therefore, in addition to its direct purpose, our teddy bear will be perfect for tactile therapy and will become a soft remedy for bad moods. Manufacturing of products can be different shapes, sizes and characters! Any most daring fantasies!

plush toy tarantula

We present you our new creation - a large black tarantula. The peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the spider were taken into account during the production. The soft toy turned out to be one metre long and one metre forty centimetres wide. At the customer's request, the tarantula was made in a completely black colour. For the main material, a tactilely pleasant, high-quality, artificial fur was chosen. The softly printed product was made in close contact with the customer. All wishes and fantasies were realised). As it turned out, it was preparing a huge plush surprise for a loved one, who was pleasantly surprised and very pleased. Contact us!)

Soft bear toy

How to combine a toy and furniture? Our creative team approached this question quite creatively.
We present to your attention a huge bear, which is also a sofa. This product will decorate any room: whether it is a spacious hall with a fireplace in a country cottage, or a flat in the penthouse, where there is room for such a great creativity!
Why a bear? Because the bear is a symbol of reliability, kindness and cosiness. How's that? Have you remembered in which cartoons this main character is found? If not - you have a great opportunity to refresh your childhood memories by watching cartoons, and our bear will serve as your support. At night he will warm your back and ward off evil spirits, and for those who sleep restlessly and are always at risk of falling off the sofa, the bear will serve as a great barrier and keeper of pleasant dreams!
The bear turned out to be 230 cm in size, the sofa itself is about 300 cm. In the manufacture was used high quality fake fur, production of Italy. Please contact us, we are happy to create any of your bold project!

Big Ted soft toy

The famous teddy bear of solid size was created as an element of intaglio in a shopping centre of one of the regions of Ukraine. Popular and brutal hero of the film attracts the attention of adults and children, raising the mood of visitors. Development and creation of plush toys of decent size according to your fantasies, desires, images!

pink teddy bear

At the moment this pink giant is the biggest toy of our production. And here are the main facts about him: - The length of the Bear from the heels to the top of the head is 300 cm. - Height from butt to top - 180 cm. - Span of the lower paws - 150 cm. - Weight - 35 kg. - It took 12 metres of artificial fur to make the pelt. - Transport to the customer in Odessa was made by New Post. - For transportation we had to order a lorry - a five-tonne truck. Now the Bear decorates the children's room of one little princess and tirelessly guards her sweet dreams!

Decor plush monkey

Creating interior or exterior décor is always a fun process. And for the time of designing and sewing these products, our workshop turned into a real Planet of the Apes - these cute pink shaggies, as tall as a man, crowded all our workspace. Besides, there was one sloth among them, which turned out to be so lazy that it took longer than all five monkeys together to be born. All items are made of artificial fur of limited edition "Alpaca", and the sloth is made of no less rare artificial fur of "Lama" series. The height of each piece is 155 cm and the weight is about 5 kg. At this size it is a small weight of the product, and it is achieved by using very light and breathable filler, which provides good mobility and flexibility of the long limbs. For each of the monkeys a system of fasteners is thought out and organised in order to hang the toys high under the ceiling in certain poses. And now, this exotic plush menagerie is comfortably placed and decorates the Kiev Pastateca establishment. By the way, whoever will be there - say hello to this fluffy flock!

plush toy meerkat

How little we know about the world around us! And how many chances we have to know it better, if only we live up to everything that happens to us on a daily basis. At Art-berloga, we start working only when we have a detailed "dossier" on the future toy. But not only the planned height, colour of hair, eyes, shape of ears. In order to feel the image, we need to know all the characteristics of the animal or character, understand his habits in real life, what they affect and how they affect the physiology. But when the work on creation of almost one and a half metre meerkat was outlined - then our whole team was imbued with this miracle-animal! And all because new knowledge from the field of animalistics simply shocked us. And how not to share with the whole world that meerkats - although predators, but very social, live in large families, build relationships, have their own well-established way of life! And generally behave in a very reasonable way. They are like fearless knights, able to bravely fight with snakes and scorpions, and they are 100% immune to the poison of the latter.

Encouraged and inspired by this knowledge, we created our Girl quickly and easily enough. And she left to guard the "possessions" of the little princess, to "tell" her the most interesting stories from the life of her fellow creatures, to be a faithful friend and companion for her for many, many years! And we start to realise new characters from textile and syntepuh, but first of all - to study them thoroughly, in order to please you again with all kinds of interesting, mind-expanding, interesting and most charming, most cute toys!

Huge soft toy on a frame

Once again, our attempt to jump above our heads has been crowned with success! Starting to this interior toy and having a mandatory point - height of 150 cm, we understood that the dimensions will be impressive, but we did not expect that Stitch will turn out so huge. But the main task was still in his charming ears. To make them stick up and not fall down under their own weight, we sewed into them a flexible and strong frame, repeating the shape of the part. A strong wooden frame was also placed inside the body to give stability to such a bulky product. The toy took about 15 metres of model fabric, 10 metres of plush, 15 kg of filler, 12 metres of lumber, hundreds of metres of thread and a lot of patience, which was shown by a company of four craftsmen.


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