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Development of patterns

exclusive pattern designexclusive pattern design

All our products are developed from scratch. To begin with, patterns are created and a model is sewn from them, a “draft” version of the toy. Any differences in appearance between the prototype and the sketch are assessed, changes are made to the patterns if necessary, and only then, can we begin sewing a pilot sample or batch. All developments and patterns are the intellectual property of Art-Berloga! If the client, in addition to the finished toy, needs patterns for absolute ownership of the finished product or for sewing large quantities in factories in Ukraine, China, or any other country, we are always ready to provide a full package of technical documentation. Namely, a set of cardboard patterns with all the necessary production designations, clear step-by-step assembly instructions, and recommendations on materials, filler, and accessories. The time needed for this service is 7-10 days. To order, contact us at the phone numbers indicated in the Contacts section or fill out the feedback form in the same section.


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