Designing toy sewing

Пошив мягких игрушек на заказ

We make exclusive handmade toys by sketches, pictures, drawings, characters, stickers, logos, photos from 1 unit. We can fulfil any plush fantasy. We are not a toy factory and do not order toys in China for the purpose of resale! All toys are sewn in Ukraine by masters of their craft with the help of manual labour! We develop branded plush mascots and corporate heroes with logo. We prepare a package of moulds (patterns) and instructions for assembling a soft toy. We create huge tectile products on a frame up to 2.5 metres!

The production time of the toy is from 21 to 35 days, depending on the complexity of the design and functionality, plus the time for delivery to you.

Wolf plush toy

This war wolf is not just a textile piece. He is the result of a custom order, created in a full military uniform that can be taken off and put on at will. Every detail is carefully designed and thought out. He exudes indescribable strength and restraint, as if ready to embark on incredible adventures. The symbolism of this wolf inspires great feats and victories. Its soft materials and expertly crafted shape details make it the ideal companion for anyone who values ​​strength, endurance and devotion. More than just a toy, it's a source of inspiration, protection and a unique addition to your collection.

cat curled up

We present you a cozy white cat curled up in a ball. This imitation in the form of a soft toy of natural and natural size is made of Italian artificial fur, which is pleasant to the touch and beautiful to look at. The product is made by Art-berloga masters by individual order and became a wonderful addition to the interior and a gift for a loved one.

white cat sewing

A ptatriotic plush cat, sewn after a corporate hero (Mascot) for a company. For realism we chose tactilely pleasant artificial fur, reminiscent of the fur of a living creature. Characteristic arrows and eyelashes are made of black felt. The clothes were sewn in patriotic colors with the coat of arms of Ukraine. The height of the toy is 35 cm. 

dove modelling

When you lose a close creature, you want to leave a memory of it. Our client decided to preserve the image of her favorite bird in the form of a soft toy. The gray dove was made in the image and likeness. We tried to repeat the favorite pose, size and coloring of the feathered friend. Of course, we are not stuffed animals and portrait resemblance to representatives of fauna is difficult, but we succeeded!

Soft cats in love

Another dream come true or materialization of stickers from messengers. Earning and creating a pair of loving and not separated kitties in the form of soft toys, with the ability to change and fix the position of the paws. Plush heroes now have 3d forms and delight people in love! Sewing soft toys to order, according to a picture, video or fanatasia)

Soft cat with a doll

There is no limit to the imagination of the anime plot, nor to our ability to embody our favorite characters in textiles. A 40-centimeter plush cat with an additional doll of his beloved owner. Upset Kitty really misses her owner and tenderly hugs the soft doll. Both toys are combined into one composition. We implement individual wishes for the production of soft toys to order. For those who want to make an exclusive gift and surprise with the materialization of their favorite character)

Soft martian toy

Once again our workshop has embodied a cartoon character in a plush toy. A ruthless character who dreams of destroying the planet Earth and taking over the entire galaxy Marvin the Martian. This galactic villain wears white basketball sneakers and gloves, a green Roman helmet, and an iron skirt. In the absence of a mouth communicates telepathically) Space bully height of 40 cm quality and tactilely pleasant materials. The helmet, if desired, can be removed, with the help of a simple clasp. Now the soft toy participates in the "galactic bajas" of the near abroad. Contact us, we will materialize your favorite heroes according to your wishes!

Soft toy fox

Patriotic fox in a trendy dress and the flag of Ukraine, with full faith in the victory of Ukraine! The soft toy is made on a frame, with the ability to change the position of arms and legs. Thematically a gift that raises morale! Make your loved ones happy, even in the most difficult times!

Handmade soft frog

In front of you is one of our most unusual works. This frog was created based on a sticker of one of the popular messengers, but with significant revisions, adjustments and additions of the customer. First of all, the character has a backpack with a clasp, which can be used as a case for storing small, but very important things! Under the backpack and on the tummy with the help of embroidery there are special symbols, the meaning of which is known only to the owner of the toy. And a special charm of the product is given by the cylinder also, by the way, decorated with special signs! All decorative parts are removable and functional, which is achieved with the help of secret magnetic fasteners! And as a cherry on the cake - the original coloring of the skin, inherent in this particular species of frogs. Such a detailed work was satisfied with both ourselves and the customer, who obviously knew what result he would be satisfied with!


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