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There are a lot of different kinds of dolls - textile and porcelain, plastic and plasticine, those for collecting and those for playing with! There are countless types and subspecies, but they all have the right to be in our lives, and even more so in the lives of our children! After all, a smaller copy of a human figure can become a support and the best friend of a child exploring the world! What’s important is that the doll corresponds to its intended purpose and is quality made. The quality of the product depends directly on the puppet masters, who are always worth their weight in gold! Their work can be distinguished by the fact that they often have to recreate the human appearance with maximum plausibility and portrait resemblance. But such a skill isn’t taught! Either you have the talent to see the structure of the figure and the anatomy of the face, and then accurately convey it, or you don’t. Therefore, we have brought together the best puppeteers of Ukraine, who master a variety of techniques and delight both children and adults with their textile works! They also work with orders of any complexity, from primitive rag dolls to portrait caricature dolls on a frame! Contact us! And all the most exclusive dolls will be yours!


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