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7 big tips

As it often happens, when we need to choose a high-quality soft toy for our child, we go to the nearest children's store and suddenly feel completely overwhelmed standing in front of the bright shelves bursting with plush characters and animals! That’s when the realization comes: We can do anything - solve logarithmic problems, conquer space, build cities in the desert, but we don’t even have the slightest idea on how to choose a harmless plush friend for a baby. Let's find out! Where to start, and what exactly to pay attention to?

  • 1. Decide on the type of toy It is very important that the toy meets the child’s needs and interests. If you know for sure that your child loves dogs or is crazy about squirrels, it’s already easier! We’ll look for a model from what you suggested, squirrels for example, then make further selections out of them. If you have no idea what character your child will like, then it is better to focus on some usual option. The main thing is not to give a boy a doll, or a girl a set of plush grenades. A universal option for girls would be cats, dogs, horses, unicorns, bunnies, and textile dolls. For boys, we can safely buy plush airplanes and cars, ninja characters, dragons, and dinosaurs. Actually, absolutely any animal can be considered a classic and unisex option, starting with the familiar teddy bears, rabbits, and hippos. Also, a universal gift for a child of any gender will be cartoon characters, such as Disney (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh), or ones from more modern movies like Stitch, Luntik, Totoro. In any case, remember - the choice must be made from the heart! Of course, you could always grab the first toy you come across without looking at it... but children sense falsehood very well!
  • 2. Label/tag. Usually, this is the thing that receives the least attention. However, this is backwards! After all, it is on the label or fabric tag where all the product’s most important information is gathered. First of all, high-quality toys have a similar label indicating the name and contacts of the manufacturer’s company and country of production. Also, as a rule, the name and composition of the material, filler, care rules and age threshold are indicated. If you see the inscription “from three years” or “0-3,” or “3-6 years,” then the product should not be given to children under three.
  • 3. Colors. Color solution. For any age, you should not choose toys with nasty, flashy colors. It is better to avoid neon colors and extremely contrasting combinations. The main rule is that the younger the child, the calmer and more pastel the colors of the toys should be. Remember - unnecessary stimulants in the children's room are useless!
  • 4. Material! If you don’t know anything about materials, don’t distinguish synthetics from cotton, velour from corduroy, faux fur from plush - don’t despair! When choosing a toy, you must be guided, first of all, by the tag (see point 2) and your own tactile sensations of the material. Touch the toy! Is the material pleasant to the touch on your palms? Does the fur become electrified when stroking the toy? Bring the toy closer to your face! If you suddenly feel a persistent chemical smell, it is better to put such a toy back! If it’s really difficult to decide on the quality of the material, you can always ask a sales consultant for advice.
  • 5. Filler. As a rule, all modern toys are filled exclusively with holofiber. This is a type of synthetic fiber that is 100% polyester. Additionally, these fibers are impregnated with silicone to achieve maximum elasticity. The main advantage of holofiber is hypoallergenicity. It does not cause allergies in humans and is not a habitat for dust mites. When choosing a plush gift, read the information on the label regarding the filling. If there is none, squeeze the toy with your fingers. It should be soft, and after compression it should quickly return to its original shape. If the product is half empty or the filling inside is lumpy or just too hard, better to avoid purchasing it. Only buy toys with glass or plastic granule fillers for children 6 years and older.
  • 6. Accessories. Decor. Any small plastic parts on the toy: eyes, eyelashes, nose, tongue, buttons, beads, sparkles and other decor must be firmly attached. In the cases when these elements are glued with half a drop of glue, sewn with a single stitch, dangling from side to side not inspiring any confidence, we immediately pass by. For children 0-3 years, absolutely all soft toys must be free of small plastic parts. For this age group, the faces of toys and other decorative elements are applied to the product using electronic embroidery.
  • 7. Talking, singing, dancing. Plush toys with built-in sound modules and plush interactive (electro-mechanical) toys should be chosen with extreme caution! In addition to the above recommendations, it is worth inspecting such products for the location of all mechanical elements and electronics. They must be securely hidden inside the stuffed animal. The compartment for batteries (batteries, accumulators) must be closed with a lid and secured with a bolt. You should definitely check out the audio track of toys with sound modules! You don’t want to purchase some product with a recording of excessively loud, awkward cries, with audio tracks that are interrupted mid-sentence, or with a trembling and creaking voice, because no one would want to cause any unnecessary trauma to children with their gifts. Something being handmade is worth a separate discussion. If you decide to buy a handmade toy for your baby, then we would add a few more recommendations to the previous seven. Namely: - first you need to study all the available data about the master - look at their portfolio and reviews from various resources; - do not hesitate when purchasing or upon receiving an order (if you buy online) to carefully inspect the toy for quality workmanship. Please ensure that all seams are smooth, the cuts are closed, and that the toy itself is symmetrical and neat; - before purchasing, check or even literally feel the product for the absence of any sewing accessories (pins, needles, clips) and other sharp objects; private craftsmen are their own quality control, so it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side! - It is also worth observing precautions regarding toys used in hosiery techniques made from nylon or socks - as a rule, they are short-lived and quickly become unusable with active use. - and self-taught handmakers often like to get carried away with tinting and painting their products, and your task is to check whether the paint sticks to your hands, whether it’s sticky or emits an odor. These are perhaps the most basic points that will become your road map in such an important task as choosing a soft toy for a child! Let your kids be surrounded by the best and highest quality plush products! And if it so happens that the desired character is not on sale, then we can always make a single copy of it! High quality and reliable! Be kind to them!

Plush Clinic at Fashionable Baby 2019!

Plush clinic

A unique opportunity to get a completely free consultation and use the services of the "Teddy Clinic" on May 25-26 in Vsi. Your D12 at the Teddy Picnic event on the terrace Organized by Kyiv Teddy Land.

Teddy hospital

Friends, lovers and collectors of all kinds of plushies and Teddy Bears! We had a great time on June 9 and 10, 2018 in the botanical garden named after Hryshko. Hryshko (Kiev, 1. Timiryazevskaya str.) at the Teddy Picnic, where Plush Clinic Art-berloga provided Teddy Hospital services free of charge. Many plush patients were treated and helped during the event. Children and their parents were pleasantly surprised by the level and possibility of our Teddy Clinic services! The organizers of the event TeddyLand.

Plush Toys for Interior Decoration from Art-berloga

Personalized, interior soft toys to order from Art-berloga.

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Mascots are branded soft toys of the company

Art-berloga specially for the creative studio Art-Aquarius conducted a kind of experiment of transferring classics from canvas to textiles and presented to all participants of the exhibition "Van Gogh's Room" mini-pillows with a reproduction of the painting by the genius impressionist...

Group of Companies "Nasha Karta" in honor of the beginning of the new school year organized a big holiday for children and their parents in the restaurant Richelieu Kiev, The softest gifts from Art-berloga.

Art-berloga prizes

Soft relations office Art-Berloga together with the happiest radio station Happy Radio have been organizing an event Flirt Factor each weekday at 13:30 during August 2016 in the 3G radio station. Concept: The listener dials in the live broadcast, a DJ offers to guess the truth and the false from things voiced. If one guesses the truth, he or she gets soft gift (author's flirt toy), but if not - just sends live hello:) Some moments from personal life of world stars of music, cinema, sports and fashion were used.

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