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Plush Clinic at Teddy Picinic on the terrace

Plush clinic team

The Teddy Picnic 2019 was an incredible extravaganza! May Teddy romance was soaked in every corner of the huge and very friendly location, which was filled with bears, teddy bears, teddy bears and their friends for two days! Everyone who came to the picnic had a good time, got acquainted, got acquainted, danced, fooled around and created gigabytes of colorful content with the help of selfies and local photographers. And Plush Clinic Art-berloga among all this fun and excitement had time to provide emergency aid to all the beloved plushies. And there were quite a few of them. There were kittens, dogs, panthers and bears of various kinds. We only had time to sew holes, change eyes, add filler, fluff up the fur. You can feel the whole atmosphere of this holiday and look at our labor in a bright and informative video of TV channel Ukraine:

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