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The Department of Art-Berloga Plush Relations welcomes you to its official website! We are a small workshop with more than 10 years of experience in the field of individual tailoring. Our focus is on the production of exclusive soft toys and souvenirs, custom textile dolls, company mascots, other mascots, corporate clothing, advertising, and exhibition products, all using sewing technologies.

Our restoration services are also quite noteworthy. The PlushClinic is constantly in operation within the workshop, where toys of any age and era are restored, and replicated too (cloned).

Art-berloga craftsmen are always ready to bring the most fantastic ideas to life. Be it enthusiastically taking on rescuing a tattered plush pet or developing a mascot design for a company, sewing a toy based off of a child’s drawing, creating a portrait doll based on someone’s photo, or producing a two-meter textile character, we’re ready for any task. Contact us, we will answer all your questions, and then materialize your most unbelievable projects!

The main thing you need to know about us is that we are not a factory! That is why you can order a toy from us, one which we will make according to all the rules of individual tailoring. First, we will create a model of the product from white fabric, agree with you on the resulting shapes and design of the toy, and only then proceed to start sewing the original. Before production, we make sure to produce a test sample and agree on it with the customer.


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The geography of our products travels all over the world. Our international fans are on different continents and live in different time zones. Exclusive services of individual sewing of soft toys, restoration, repair, restoration of toys, as well as drawing an image on the fabric or the symbol of the company (corporate toys). All products are handmade. We create toys by pictures, sketches, or cartoon/computer heroes. Bureau of soft relations Art-berloga. 

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