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Art-berloga workshop

Customised soft toys

The important thing to know about us: Art-Berloga is a workshop for the production of exclusive soft toys, textile dolls, branded mascots, corporate promotional products with a logo, and designer textiles. Our distinctive feature is: We are not a factory! That’s why you can order just one toy from us, and we will make it according to all the rules of individual tailoring. With us, you will first receive a model of the future toy, see how the product meets your expectations of the basic shapes of the character, and then, after everything has been approved, the original will be sewn.

Our advantages and capabilities:

  • We take on individual orders and carry them out at the highest level. Each product is developed from scratch by our designers, taking all the client’s wishes into account (the presence or absence of functionality, special accessories, decor), then undergoing strict quality control, while not losing sight of the intended purpose of the toy.
  • We work in sizes from 20 to 220 cm. We make large toys both with frames and without.

  • We create soft toys by any sketches, pictures, photo or video materials and even by verbal descriptions.
  • We have the ability to apply images, prints, designs, and logos to fabric in various ways (manual or electronic embroidery, thermal transfer, full-color printing).
  • We offer comprehensive textile support for the corporate sector. We will dress your team to the nines, create coziness in the office’s interior, develop and implement unconventional advertising and promotional designs, and provide original branded promotional giveaway products. We will complete everything efficiently and on time.
  • We have successfully established ourselves in the world! The products we make have been distributed to almost every continent.

  • The First Plush Clinic “Plush Clinic” was created on the basis of the Art-berloga workshop - preventive cleaning, repair, restoration, cloning of plush toys, and the restoration of lost ones from photos. We also carry out maintenance and repair of our own upholstered works, if necessary.


Our mission: To save the planet from utter pollution, and humanity from mass-produced consumer goods! We have always created, and will continue to create, only valuable things that will please the customer with quality workmanship and long service lives. All previously produced toys are subject to restoration at PlushClinic, which also significantly reduces the irresponsible consumption of plush products.

Our promises: We guarantee that we will put all our skills, efforts, and talents into each product in order to achieve the maximum wow effect! We treat every plush patient as a living being! We will fulfill your orders within the promised time frame. We will make sure that all parties get the best results from the cooperation process!






There are no impossible tasks! Contact us, we are always open to any forms of cooperation! It's easier with us! The Art-Berloga team.


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