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The Department of Art-Berloga Plush Relations welcomes you to its official website! We are a small workshop with more than 10 years of experience in the field of individual tailoring. Our focus is on the production of exclusive soft toys and souvenirs, custom textile dolls, company mascots, other mascots, corporate clothing, advertising, and exhibition products, all using sewing technologies.

Our restoration services are also quite noteworthy. The PlushClinic is constantly in operation within the workshop, where toys of any age and era are restored, and replicated too (cloned).

Art-berloga craftsmen are always ready to bring the most fantastic ideas to life. Be it enthusiastically taking on rescuing a tattered plush pet or developing a mascot design for a company, sewing a toy based off of a child’s drawing, creating a portrait doll based on someone’s photo, or producing a two-meter textile character, we’re ready for any task. Contact us, we will answer all your questions, and then materialize your most unbelievable projects!

The main thing you need to know about us is that we are not a factory! That is why you can order a toy from us, one which we will make according to all the rules of individual tailoring. First, we will create a model of the product from white fabric, agree with you on the resulting shapes and design of the toy, and only then proceed to start sewing the original. Before production, we make sure to produce a test sample and agree on it with the customer.


Our Services

textille animals symbols

Welcome to the world of unique textile products from our workshop! We present you a set of miniature textile symbols of northern animals: bear, seal and penguin. Each of them, measuring about 12 cm, is created with special attention to detail and quality. These unique accessories are designed to be placed on the down jackets of one famous Ukrainian clothing brand. Thanks to their secure attachment, they can be easily attached and removed from the garment without causing any harm or damage. Made with love and professionalism in Ukraine.

cat curled up

We present you a cozy white cat curled up in a ball. This imitation in the form of a soft toy of natural and natural size is made of Italian artificial fur, which is pleasant to the touch and beautiful to look at. The product is made by Art-berloga masters by individual order and became a wonderful addition to the interior and a gift for a loved one.

future toy cat

Design development of a soft toy - corporate symbol of the company: a cat guarding housing. Working out the design according to a hand-drawn sketch. Two variants of the image in corporate colors were created. The kitties will please the clients of the company in the UAE. We are always happy to help, not only on sewing toys, but also to consult at the stage of disassembling the design adaptive to the subsequent sewing batch of toys.

Clone a silver pig

The silver pig was so enamored with her owner's attention, games and shared travels that her metallic-colored body was disheveled and in disrepair. Of course, the owner wanted to continue her friendship with her best friend. Our plush clinic decided to sew a new toy in her image. The toy was carefully disassembled, patterns were removed and the favorite image was recreated. Now the inseparable friends are together again! Cloning of soft toys in Art-berloga.

Repair doll Kuki

The most favorite textile doll called Cookie, the most faithful friend with whom the mistress did not part for an hour) They were a great company in travels, games and adventures! But, over time, Cookie was loved to holes and required restoration and repair. Our experts determined that they will create a new body and dress in the image and likeness of the original, but keep the hairstyle and native facial expressions) The result look at the photo. Cloning of soft toys Plush Clinic.

white cat sewing

A ptatriotic plush cat, sewn after a corporate hero (Mascot) for a company. For realism we chose tactilely pleasant artificial fur, reminiscent of the fur of a living creature. Characteristic arrows and eyelashes are made of black felt. The clothes were sewn in patriotic colors with the coat of arms of Ukraine. The height of the toy is 35 cm. 

dove modelling

When you lose a close creature, you want to leave a memory of it. Our client decided to preserve the image of her favorite bird in the form of a soft toy. The gray dove was made in the image and likeness. We tried to repeat the favorite pose, size and coloring of the feathered friend. Of course, we are not stuffed animals and portrait resemblance to representatives of fauna is difficult, but we succeeded!

Repair favorite toy

This time our plush clinic, after performing rejuvenation procedures on the toy, approached a plush atelier to sew patriotic clothing for a much-loved doggie. The stuffed toy had a lot of crumbled and faded material, but had value in its authenticity. So the decision was made to make a blue hooded hoodie and a yellow skirt. These two elements of clothing we combined together and now you can be sure that the outfit will stay in its place) Rejuvenate and save your favorite, soft toys in a variety of ways and solutions! Contact us!)

Repair squirrel Scrat

Popular heroes, so popular that they have to suffer from all-round love, here and plush toy of the famous squirrel from the cartoon Ice Age, named Scrat received his portion of active attention. The toy had numerous damages, especially the mouth and front fangs were damaged. All carefully restored, stitched and cleaned. Now the squirrel can still please his owners and chew nuts perfectly. Please contact us!


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