Designing toy sewing

Big dolphin

A large customised soft toy created for the Kiev Salvation Forum in support of all the dolphins being tortured in dolphinariums. The protest action was covered by TV and the soft hero was shown on the news! This is how soft "stars" become Sewing large, soft toys on a frame. Huge toys - textile sculpture to order individually.

Brand toy dog

Exclusive development and sewing of corporate brand toy for Kimberly Clark company - Kleenex brand. Labrador puppy as a symbol of the company. Dimensions of the puppy: height - 70 cm, width - 80 cm, depth - 1 m. Sewing corporate toys, making branded toys, creating a branded toy.

Brand plush toy

Brand toy is for the company Paradigm Consulting Group, and in our practice it is another small step in the diversity of experience and pro skills and of course work on yourself, because it was made in extremely short time with all the wishes of the client. The height of the toy is 120 cm. Material - fleece. Filler - syntepuh. Hands-feet Brand toy are movable and this gives it a special charm. We and our customers are satisfied with the result. Glory to the imagination!


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