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Repair Chipmunk toy

Our plush clinic received an adored chipmunk who had been through many adventures and active play. This toy was loved to the last thread and needed a caring update. Our experts carefully examined the furry patient's condition and decided that he needed a new jumpsuit, renewal of the leather parts of his stylish sneakers and, of course, the return of clear eyesight by carefully restoring his eyes. After the carefully performed “anti-aging therapy”, our hero returned home refreshed and beautiful. His owner was delighted with the transformation of her beloved friend, who once again looked like the day they first met.

Clone a silver pig

The silver pig was so enamored with her owner's attention, games and shared travels that her metallic-colored body was disheveled and in disrepair. Of course, the owner wanted to continue her friendship with her best friend. Our plush clinic decided to sew a new toy in her image. The toy was carefully disassembled, patterns were removed and the favorite image was recreated. Now the inseparable friends are together again! Cloning of soft toys in Art-berloga.

Repair doll Kuki

The most favorite textile doll called Cookie, the most faithful friend with whom the mistress did not part for an hour) They were a great company in travels, games and adventures! But, over time, Cookie was loved to holes and required restoration and repair. Our experts determined that they will create a new body and dress in the image and likeness of the original, but keep the hairstyle and native facial expressions) The result look at the photo. Cloning of soft toys Plush Clinic.

Repair favorite toy

This time our plush clinic, after performing rejuvenation procedures on the toy, approached a plush atelier to sew patriotic clothing for a much-loved doggie. The stuffed toy had a lot of crumbled and faded material, but had value in its authenticity. So the decision was made to make a blue hooded hoodie and a yellow skirt. These two elements of clothing we combined together and now you can be sure that the outfit will stay in its place) Rejuvenate and save your favorite, soft toys in a variety of ways and solutions! Contact us!)

Repair squirrel Scrat

Popular heroes, so popular that they have to suffer from all-round love, here and plush toy of the famous squirrel from the cartoon Ice Age, named Scrat received his portion of active attention. The toy had numerous damages, especially the mouth and front fangs were damaged. All carefully restored, stitched and cleaned. Now the squirrel can still please his owners and chew nuts perfectly. Please contact us!

Repair wolf in overalls

An old and battered wolf came to our plush clinic and atelier for recovery. In his dangerous games his jumpsuit was damaged, and he lost his former shape, his legs were no longer obeying and his head was not holding up well. After rejuvenation procedures and restoration of the form was sewed a new jumpsuit in the image and likeness of what was originally. The soft toy has been transformed and is coming home. We help in a variety of cases with your plush friends, bring back the emotions of childhood and give the joy of memories.

Repair little green dog

A small but faithful plush dog came to us in a sufficiently beloved condition to start worrying about him. The fur was wrinkled and some white elements of the fabric began to yellow and lose their light colors. The seams were also starting to come apart and the toy was starting to lose its shape due to the crumpled old napolinitel. As you can see, the miniature toy looks much better now! Saving childhood friends and bringing back their youth.

Repair little red bunny

A very small but most beloved red bunny in a striped suit, came to us in a very tired state and in tattered clothes. The soft toy had to be rejuvenated and fattened up, and face plastic surgery had to be done. And our plush atelier sewed him a new striped suit and a new jacket. Now the bunny feels great and looks even more attractive than in his youth.

Vintage bunny repair

Vintage bunny in a dress has been a favorite of its owner for many years and now it is time to rejuvenate, clean and restore the form of a plush friend. The toy was very carefully cleaned, the filling was replaced, the mouth was restored, and the fur was fluffed up. And now the bunny continues to please its owner and will be passed on to the next generation of the family!


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