Designing toy sewing

Repair of plush brothers

This original Odessa couple - Mickey and Monkey - came to us in a rather shabby condition. Their "skins" came apart at the seams and the stuffing began to fall out. Their ears fell off and began to live an independent life. The same situation happened with eyes and noses. And the fur was completely bunched up and stuck together. We had to work hard to strengthen the material of the skins and prevent it from spreading. Mickey and the Monkeys received a new filling, which gives them an extraordinary softness. The ears, eyes and spouts are back in their places and the fur is shiny under our comb. Now Mickey and Monkey rejuvenated returned home to sunny Odessa and delight their owners with their stunning appearance.
Feedback: "Thank you very much for the work done! I didn't even expect such a decent result!")))))))

Repair of the bunny

The plush patient of the soft toy clinic Bunny 20 years old from a great love is completely ruined and came to a terrible state. Specialists had to work hard to restore his tidy appearance. Each seam of the Bunny was strengthened, the fabric of the clothes was duplicated for greater durability. All small gaps were darned, the fur was cleaned and fluffed, the filler was replaced with a new and modern one. Both we and Bunny's owner were satisfied with the work done.

Repair blue bear

The beautiful blue bear we first saw was a scary looking something. He was dusty, dirty, miserable. We cleaned him as much as modern cleaning methods allow and partially restored the noble coat color. We also replaced the old compressed filler with modern hypoallergenic hollofiber, reinforced all the seams and repaired the rips. The bear got a chance for many years of new life in a loving family!

cloning of bunny toy

In our story, it's the other way around! Stefan the bunny was never abandoned. He was always inseparable from his little mistress. She without him did not eat, did not play, did not sleep. From such a strong childhood love Stefan quickly got worn out and began, literally, to fall apart. We restored Stefan in the shortest possible time - we cleaned him, darned him, replaced the filling and dressed him in a new fur suit. And we also created Stefan Jr. In the image and likeness of the original. Top material - high quality fake fur, filler - hollofiber and glass granulate in the limbs. The inner part of the ears was made of natural mink fur, at the request of the customer. Thus we do not get tired of proving that there are no limits in our business! Please contact us. All your soft whims we will masterfully realize))))))

creation of Bear's brother

At the request of our regular customer, we restored her favorite bear and created a brother in his image!

Plush cloning of toy crab.

This cute Crabby came to us for restoration in a very poor condition. He is so adored by the kids that there was no living space left on him - all in holes and stains, shapeless, with the stuffing knocked into one solid lump. It is even impossible to imagine that once this toy was tender blue color, soft and pleasant to the touch. But nevertheless, we not only cleaned and repaired the existing toy, gave it the right shape with new stuffing, darned the holes and restored the eyes, but also created a brand new Crabik identical to the original. In the process of work we were guided by the photo of the original in its original form. According to the little owners, the new Krabik turned out to be even better than the original and they love him even more now! Miracles do not just happen! We create miracles ourselves! Let your children touch the miracle of transformation of their plush friends!

Restoration plush Elephant

Doesn't anyone else know that Elephants are gentle and vulnerable creatures, despite their thick-skinned and large size. They need to be protected, cared for and caressed. Treat them with the most delicious tastes and treat them if they suddenly fall ill. And treatment of elephants can be entrusted only to the masters of the Bureau of soft relations Art-berloga. After all, our masters have the kindest hearts and the most skillful hands. They will remove not only scuffs, gaps, stains, but also extra years, so that your plush friend will stay young as long as possible, just like in childhood)))).

Teddy bear plastic surgery

We hasten to inform you that the world's first plush plastic surgery was successful! The patient is feeling great and is already enjoying his healing with his owner! This charming thirty-year-old chimpanzee came to us in a deplorable condition. For many years of storage in the attic he was left without a face and hands, which, according to the owner, were eaten by mice. His fur had become dull and dusty. We had to work hard to restore our plush patient and bring him back to pristine condition. But it proves once again - EVERYTHING is possible! Restoration of soft friends - Plush Clinic Art-berloga!

Teddy bear repair


Charming and antique Bear came to us for restoration from Dnepropetrovsk. In spite of his age - 50 years - the Bear was well preserved, because his loving owners took care of him and looked after him. In Art-berloga Plush Clinic they cleaned and fluffed his fur, replaced old sawdust with clean, fresh sawdust, restored the original shape of his body and posture.

Repair toy Pif

Our specialists have once again proved that nothing is impossible! The restoration of one of the oldest toys, the dog "Pif" (about 50 years old) was successful!!!! The owners are very happy, we were able to revive the nostalgic memories of the owner's childhood!!! Contact us, we will show you how the emotions of childhood come back!!!! Restoration of soft toys from Art-berloga.

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