Designing toy sewing

Restoration of brothers in misfortune Mickey and the Monkeys.

Repair of plush brothers

This original Odessa couple - Mickey and Monkey - came to us in a rather shabby condition. Their "skins" came apart at the seams and the stuffing began to fall out. Their ears fell off and began to live an independent life. The same situation happened with eyes and noses. And the fur was completely bunched up and stuck together. We had to work hard to strengthen the material of the skins and prevent it from spreading. Mickey and the Monkeys received a new filling, which gives them an extraordinary softness. The ears, eyes and spouts are back in their places and the fur is shiny under our comb. Now Mickey and Monkey rejuvenated returned home to sunny Odessa and delight their owners with their stunning appearance.
Feedback: "Thank you very much for the work done! I didn't even expect such a decent result!")))))))

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