Designing toy sewing

Sewing textile dolls to order

Design and sewing of portrait, textile, figurative and symbolic dolls. Individual production of branded characters, heroes of companies. Textile mascots.

tot cartoon character.

What to do if your child wants an unusual toy and even a cartoon character, but there are no such toys available for sale? The only option is to create a customised one at Art-berloga Soft Relations Bureau. We can make a detective or a king, in any costume and with the most incredible accessories. You can be convinced of it on this example. The doll is exclusive and created in a single copy especially for a young fan of the cartoon character Detective. The similarity of the doll with the prototype is achieved as much as possible, although we never guarantee 100% identity. The Detective is made of textile, except for the hands and boots. These elements, as well as the glasses, are moulded by hand from durable, impact-resistant polymer clay. A flexible frame is built into the inside of the product, which allows the doll's body to move and take any pose, as well as eliminates the need for additional supports. The plaid costume is hand-painted with a special indelible dye. Therefore, if water/rain/snow gets on the doll, it will remain as neat and tidy as ever. The blue coat is also a delight, as it is sewn just like a real one, and you can even take it off and put it on. And the yellow jacket and trousers are not removable. And this colossal work, done in order to make another baby happy, was a success. Everyone was satisfied: the boy, his parents and the whole Art-berloga team. Please contact us! We will make you happy too!

football player

Footballer - Ruslan Babenko is a memorable personality, leading crowds of fans. It is the fanatical love for the man that often makes you create small copies of him in the form of dolls. Our doll was created in a rather short time for such a detailed work, but the quality has not suffered. The product not only has a portrait resemblance to Ruslan Babenko, but is also dressed in a handmade football uniform with a special logo application on an extremely small scale. The doll itself is made of textile. Her limbs are mobile thanks to the flexible frame inside, so the doll is not only stable, but also takes a variety of poses. Exclusive portrait caricature dolls by Art-berloga.

mad hatter doll

​Exclusive interpretation of the Mad Hatter's image, in accordance with the customer's wishes, plunged our whole team for a few weeks into the magical and wonderful world of "Looking Glass". And, as it is supposed to a real fairy-tale hero with a finicky character - the master of hat making did not give up without a fight. Preparatory work took half of the total time spent on this product. To begin with, the technology of creating the doll was developed, which brought together several handicraft techniques. And according to the predetermined technological nuances was carried out selection of materials. And here began the most interesting thing - materials were coming for the doll not only from different parts of Ukraine, but also from other countries. For example, natural silk for the shirt came from India (it's good when friends are avid travellersJ ), the hairstyle was made of Australian wool, one of the stockings came from Rivne, and the second one was found in a Kiev shop. In search of the best feathers for the hat we visited a bird yard in the suburbs of the capital, unusual white eyelashes were ordered from Dnipro, eyes were created in a single copy by a Belarusian craftsman. The textile doll Mad Hatter turned out to be 60 cm tall.

The flexible frame inside the torso ensures variability of limb positions - not only the arms and legs are movable, but also the fingers. And slightly distorted proportions together with the frame provide stability of the product, the doll does not require any additional supports. Lush red hair was curled and collected by individual curls, each of which is implanted directly into the scalp. The costume was sewn according to all the rules of tailoring. It consists of a silk shirt, a Scottish kilt, a waistcoat, a caftan, a neckerchief, stockings and shoes. And the most important accessory is a hat, with many small details, without which the Hatter is not a hatter at all. All elements of the costume are removable, which gives the opportunity to clean the costume in case of dirt. Undoubtedly, the Hatter is one of our most labour-intensive projects, but it is definitely worth it. It is impossible to describe in words how much pleasure our team got by fulfilling this order and giving ourselves a "fat" mark DONE in the rating of professional achievements! But even more collectible doll of our production means for the current owners. According to them, having received the long-awaited doll, they understood the meaning of the expression "over the moon"!

Textile doll stewardess

I'd like you to meet her! Her name is Zhulya. This name was given to her by the happy owner, in the image of whom we created the doll.  The doll turned out to be not a copy of the customer, but in general features there is a resemblance.  Her height is 30 cm. Inside there is a flexible skeleton, which provides mobility of all limbs relative to the torso. Zhulya is dressed in the form of a flight attendant after the example of her mistress, but, in fact, she is a car angel. This beauty is always in the owner's car and her presence in the car creates a special, subtle, atmosphere of hospitality and calmness.

Portrait doll of a man.

A portrait doll is always a special gift for a special person. It impresses and falls in love. You can spend hours looking at and admiring such a doll. But the most important thing about it is its significant similarity to a person, not caricature, as it is often portrayed in caricature. The standard height of the portrait doll is 40 cm, but variations are possible. The doll is textile and mobile. That is, it has flexible limbs and joints. For maximum display of personality in the doll it is possible to recreate the individual style of the person in the "wardrobe" of this textile copy, as well as making all kinds of accessories, especially complementing the image.

Soft doll Mowgli.

"You are ours and not ours, from the jungle and not from the jungle" ... (R. Kipling).

Our Mowgli is not from the jungle, or even from the den. He is from Berloga, where he was carefully created by hands of the plush couturier and sent to his permanent place of residence in Kharkov. Mowgli is 40 cm tall. It has flexible frame inside, which allows the toy to move and to take any position, and the compact size allows our Mowgli to be the perfect companion and a friend in travel. Exclusive custom-made soft toys - Art-berloga.

Exclusive soft doll

Invincible Ukrainian folk tale hero - Kotigoroshko was created in the form of exclusive doll of 40 cm tall. Creating of Kotigoroshko was noted by a very short time of production - 7 days and very diligent and meticulous execution. We tried not to miss every detail. Happiness of baby face and sincere surprise of his parents was a real reward for us. Toy was presented to little lover of fairy tales on the St. Nicholas day (19.12). Now one more masterpiece will live with a happy owner from Kiev.

Textile Doll Programmer.

Portrait doll programmer is a friendly caricature created especially for the birthday of our main IT-specialist. The doll is on a frame. Takes various poses, fully reflects both appearance and character of the person, as well as the kind of his activity. The doll's height is 40 cm. Now the doll lives in Minsk.

Textile Doll General

Portrait doll - the best solution when you face the question - "what to give to the person who has ALL?". Such a gift you will please and surprise. The caricature doll is made by photo with maximum portrait similarity, taking into account all the nuances of appearance - from the colour of eyes to the slightest expression wrinkles. Such a doll is mobile, has flexible limbs and slightly distorted proportions (within the genre). The photo shows a doll "GENERAL" created in the image and likeness of a real person, a representative of a valiant profession. The height is 50 cm. The parade uniform is created in full conformity with the real form. Even chevrons are recreated. All clothes are removable. The doll has gone to Zaporozhye. Exclusive manufacture of handmade gifts.


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