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The detective is a cartoon character.

tot cartoon character.

What to do if your child wants an unusual toy and even a cartoon character, but there are no such toys available for sale? The only option is to create a customised one at Art-berloga Soft Relations Bureau. We can make a detective or a king, in any costume and with the most incredible accessories. You can be convinced of it on this example. The doll is exclusive and created in a single copy especially for a young fan of the cartoon character Detective. The similarity of the doll with the prototype is achieved as much as possible, although we never guarantee 100% identity. The Detective is made of textile, except for the hands and boots. These elements, as well as the glasses, are moulded by hand from durable, impact-resistant polymer clay. A flexible frame is built into the inside of the product, which allows the doll's body to move and take any pose, as well as eliminates the need for additional supports. The plaid costume is hand-painted with a special indelible dye. Therefore, if water/rain/snow gets on the doll, it will remain as neat and tidy as ever. The blue coat is also a delight, as it is sewn just like a real one, and you can even take it off and put it on. And the yellow jacket and trousers are not removable. And this colossal work, done in order to make another baby happy, was a success. Everyone was satisfied: the boy, his parents and the whole Art-berloga team. Please contact us! We will make you happy too!

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