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Clinic for soft toys "PlushClinc"® Restoration of soft toys, restoration from photographs, repairs, service, maintenance, warranty.

The first plush clinic “PlushClinicArt-berloga” will gladly accept all plush patients who need professional help from our specialists! After all, it often happens that a toy becomes a real family heirloom, carrying pleasant memories, the smell of childhood and Mom. It’s such a great disappointment when it loses its original appearance over the years, wearing out, growing old, beginning to crumble. And then one day, it just gets lost...


But don't despair! There is no task too difficult for us! We never tire of proving this again and again! We will always find a compromise if necessary, and will make every effort to save your plush friend from oblivion, old age, and any other troubles.


We are always ready to get involved in work of any complexity: restore a vintage toy or slightly improve the condition of a modern one, replace cotter pins or select new eyes with a spout, create a clone of a product or replace individual worn parts, clean and fluff the fur, replace filler, remove or disguise traces of children's creativity on a plush, sewing a copy of doll clothes, the list goes on. To see our capabilities personally, you can register your plush patients at PlushClinic using the feedback form in the “Contacts” section.


Maintaining corporate soft mascots, upgrades, repairs, refurbishments, restorations.


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