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Decorative cushions to order


Decorative handmade cushions to order! Individual sewing, image, logo application, various methods.

Decor for StarStart

Art-berloga not only creates products on a commercial basis, but also supports domestic children's events, as a soft sponsor, having prepared plush stars with the logo, for the winners and runners-up of the Star Start festival.

game coins pillow

Yes, we cannot become a mint, but we are no worse at printing (read "minting") coins! A batch of such soft currency was customized by a Kiev gaming company, exclusively for their internal use. Each coin is double-sided, the most complex pattern is applied using full-color printing. And soft weightless filling beckons to use them as pillows for comfortable rest. The diameter of the products is 30 centimeters.

computer pillow

People who spend a considerable amount of time at their desks probably know how their elbow joints suffer. We sewers have also faced this situation and have developed special pads for hands, forearms and elbows, which soften the pressure of the table top on the joints and prevent their inflammation. The pads are not large 36x18 cm. But it is enough to provide a comfortable working area. They are based on memory foam, which is slightly softer than ordinary foam, and are covered with two covers. The outer cover is made of microplush. A hidden zipper makes it possible to remove the cover for washing/cleaning. These pillows are perfect for writers, gamers, IT workers and seamstresses. For people with elbow joint inflammation (buritis), they will make everyday, unavoidable work a little more pleasant. Exclusive plush solutions from Art-berloga.

Decor spare tire

You can spend your whole life preparing an emergency airfield or stocking up on material goods for a sense of pleasure and happiness. Or you can simply order ZAPASKA from us and plunge into the incredible tenderness with which we created this pillow. The material for Zapaska was selected in the most careful way, and the main criterion in the selection was tactile sensations. In this regard, microplush was recognized as the most suitable material for making the cushion. All the letters and the central part of the spare - the car disk - are applied by appliqué and made of microplush of contrasting color. The cushion has the shape of a full-fledged wheel. Its diameter is 45 centimeters, height (thickness) - 15 cm. This product is a car cushion, which will not only decorate the back seat, but will turn it into a real paradise.  Traveling and sleep of passengers on the road will become much more comfortable with ZAPASKA from Art-berloga.

Пошив декор подушек

Experimental handmade pillow in patchwork style - sewing a textile product from locusts or pieces of fabric. The size of the pillow is not large 30x30 centimeters.

decor pillow

Pokémon have taken over the world, and we gladly "adopted" this image and created a decorative pillow in the form of the character Poliwhirl. The diameter of the pillow toy is 40 cm. It is made of the softest microplush, which is not inferior in tactile sensations even to cashmere. The filling is hypoallergenic and absolutely safe chollofiber. This pokemon will not only decorate the interior of your home, but will also keep you company in sweet dreams!

pencil case keyboard pillow

The upcoming year 2018 is symbolized by the Fire Dog, if you believe the eastern horoscope. That's why we have developed an exclusive accessory in the form of a dachshund, which will be the best gift for everyone. It is a toy, and a pad under the hands when working at the computer, and an armrest, and a travel headrest, and a pencil case for office supplies, and a lot of all kinds of uses... This universal sample can be transformed, modified and finalized in accordance with your wishes. And most importantly - this gift can be branded with the company logo. All the same practicality and functionality of the product will not allow it to lie on the shelf, which with the right branding will create an additional advertising campaign to the company-giver.

Painting by Van Gogh

A cushion can be not only an interior object, but also a full-fledged carrier of art, which we proved by producing a batch of exclusive decorative cushions with paintings by Van Gogh himself. These products were made as gifts for the students of the private art school Art Aquarius in honor of the exhibition of works based on the paintings of the famous oddball artist. The products are printed in full color, which will certainly keep the pads from losing their color after cleaning or washing. Also, full-color printing is famous for the accuracy of transferring even the smallest details of the image. That is why the pads turned out as if Van Gogh wrote his paintings directly on them, bypassing the canvas and all artistic rules. The filling is hypoallergenic syntepuh. The cushions can be washed and dried perfectly, even by machine.

Music Box Ua

We are able to produce any textile interior decoration item. Whether it is cushions or plaids, panels or poufs. If necessary, we can brand the products with your logo. Cushions for Music Box Ua TV channel we made from the softest, snow-white and incredibly pleasant in its tactile properties - microplush. The logo was applied by flocking, due to which it perfectly lay on the product and almost merged with the base in texture. We have chosen the most optimal size of the pads - 40x40 cm. As a filler used hypoallergenic syntepuh, which "breathes", perfectly springs and holds its shape, which will ensure a long life for the pads, even with repeated washing.


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