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Van Gogh painting.

Painting by Van Gogh

A cushion can be not only an interior object, but also a full-fledged carrier of art, which we proved by producing a batch of exclusive decorative cushions with paintings by Van Gogh himself. These products were made as gifts for the students of the private art school Art Aquarius in honor of the exhibition of works based on the paintings of the famous oddball artist. The products are printed in full color, which will certainly keep the pads from losing their color after cleaning or washing. Also, full-color printing is famous for the accuracy of transferring even the smallest details of the image. That is why the pads turned out as if Van Gogh wrote his paintings directly on them, bypassing the canvas and all artistic rules. The filling is hypoallergenic syntepuh. The cushions can be washed and dried perfectly, even by machine.

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