Designing toy sewing

A pillow under your arm at the computer.

computer pillow

People who spend a considerable amount of time at their desks probably know how their elbow joints suffer. We sewers have also faced this situation and have developed special pads for hands, forearms and elbows, which soften the pressure of the table top on the joints and prevent their inflammation. The pads are not large 36x18 cm. But it is enough to provide a comfortable working area. They are based on memory foam, which is slightly softer than ordinary foam, and are covered with two covers. The outer cover is made of microplush. A hidden zipper makes it possible to remove the cover for washing/cleaning. These pillows are perfect for writers, gamers, IT workers and seamstresses. For people with elbow joint inflammation (buritis), they will make everyday, unavoidable work a little more pleasant. Exclusive plush solutions from Art-berloga.

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