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Decor cushion spare tire.

Decor spare tire

You can spend your whole life preparing an emergency airfield or stocking up on material goods for a sense of pleasure and happiness. Or you can simply order ZAPASKA from us and plunge into the incredible tenderness with which we created this pillow. The material for Zapaska was selected in the most careful way, and the main criterion in the selection was tactile sensations. In this regard, microplush was recognized as the most suitable material for making the cushion. All the letters and the central part of the spare - the car disk - are applied by appliqué and made of microplush of contrasting color. The cushion has the shape of a full-fledged wheel. Its diameter is 45 centimeters, height (thickness) - 15 cm. This product is a car cushion, which will not only decorate the back seat, but will turn it into a real paradise.  Traveling and sleep of passengers on the road will become much more comfortable with ZAPASKA from Art-berloga.

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