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Portrait Doll - General

Textile Doll General

Portrait doll - the best solution when you face the question - "what to give to the person who has ALL?". Such a gift you will please and surprise. The caricature doll is made by photo with maximum portrait similarity, taking into account all the nuances of appearance - from the colour of eyes to the slightest expression wrinkles. Such a doll is mobile, has flexible limbs and slightly distorted proportions (within the genre). The photo shows a doll "GENERAL" created in the image and likeness of a real person, a representative of a valiant profession. The height is 50 cm. The parade uniform is created in full conformity with the real form. Even chevrons are recreated. All clothes are removable. The doll has gone to Zaporozhye. Exclusive manufacture of handmade gifts.

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