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Repair plush lion.

Big lions also require care and maintenance, so the loving owners decided that prevention is better than cure. Without waiting for significant signs of this plush beauty's advanced age to appear, they decided to send the pet to the Plush Clinic's "prophylactorium". During the preventive repair, we discovered significant damage to the neck fur. It was impossible to do without fur implantation and we gladly applied new technologies developed by us. Now the lion's neck has a uniform pile cover, without a single hint of the gaps that were present before. Also, the lion was provided with a full range of services for cleaning the fur, replacing the filler, and strengthening the seams. Leva is now living a new life and we are happy that we have put our hands, knowledge, skills and abilities to this!

Repair lion cub

Levushka came to Plush Clinic Art-berloga in the most serious condition. Almost all of his once good fur had turned into rags over the years. Many times the toy was tried to be rescued by its caring owners. This was evident from the number of hand stitches we had to remove before the main repair process began. We replaced completely damaged parts of the product with new German long-wool plush - chest, back, upper half of the handles. And also completely replaced the mane with material as close as possible in color and texture to the original. Titanic work had to be done to save a whole part of the skin. Namely: sew up all the arrows and duplicate the base of the artificial fur, strengthen the seams. Leva's transformation is visible to the naked eye. Now he has returned home to his loving family and will serve for generations to come!

Repair plush giraffe.

A miniature Giraffe from sunny Odessa came to Plush Clinic with a broken neck, no ear, terribly sad eyes and many other small injuries.  He needed a complete cleaning of his fur, a new ear, partial replacement of his skeleton and repair of small holes in his fur. After all the manipulations he "came to life" before our eyes and hurried to return home to feel the power of unrestrained love of his owners again.

Repair pink teddy bear

Every real princess has a little pink teddy bear. And every princess loves it sincerely and truly, sparing nothing for it - neither goodies nor hugs. So it turns out that soon these pink cuties, loved to bits, need our caring preventive restoration. This teddy bear underwent a filler replacement, as well as a complete cleaning of the fur from dust, stains, and paint marks. Also, for the first time, we have successfully implanted the toy with fur, which opens new horizons in toy restoration. The happiness of little princesses and their plush friends not only inspires us to work, but also pushes us to greater discoveries. Restoration and repair of soft toys at Plush Clinic Art-berloga.

Repair plush dog

A rare Soviet-era doggy lost its leg in the difficult vicissitudes of life and came to us for restoration. In the process of work not only the leg was restored, but also all fastenings were tightened, the skin was cleaned, seams were strengthened, filler was replaced and whites of eyes were bleached. The doggie came home full and refreshed after gentle treatments at Art-berloga's plush clinic, the International Plush Clinic.

Repair plush hedgehog

Toy restoration is a laborious and painstaking task. Our masters had to feel it especially on this hedgehog, because its lint-needles piled up into one dense crust and all this crust had to be divided into lint almost manually. And not in vain. The toy acquired almost pristine appearance, which surprised and pleased the owners.

Repair old plush dog

Friend came to us for restoration after a long and faithful service to his owners. Life and time had worn and loosened it a bit, and some splotches appeared. But at 40, life is just beginning! Both real and toy life! We never tire of proving it. We gave this doggie a complete cleaning of his coat from years of dust and stains, replaced the filler with modern hypoallergenic hollofiber, installed new joints. And, since the early photos of the toy at the owners have not survived, we did a tremendous job to search for materials about the original form of this dog to restore the face. The result is visible. Buddy returned home as a new one, where the whole family was waiting for him with impatience, and the owners confessed to us that they did not expect such a transformation.

Repair favorite lion toy

Leva came to us from "Slavniy mista Leva" in a state of almost empty skin with sticky foam rubber inside. The whole thing was like a sieve, with small holes! But real professionals can do all the tasks! And we enthusiastically entered the battle for Leva's life. Cleaned his skin, strengthened the seams and fabric of the toy. We darned every tear. Replaced the stuffing. We bleached his face. Leva became unrecognizable. The owners of the toy could not believe their eyes and it became our best reward!

Repair small dog

Over the years of practice and observation, we have collected a lot of statistical data. According to them, of all possible body parts of soft toys, it is the nose part of the face that suffers in 90% of cases.  We are not going to say exactly what this is due to, but, apparently, instinctively everyone is interested in and fascinated by the most "prominent" places. This applies to both people and animals. After all, many toys have to endure infringements from pets: dogs, cats, hand rodents. So - and animals want to mutilate it is the nose of their plush brethren. Over the miniature 15-centimeter dog, in due time, pets have worked hard, having corrected its appearance at their own discretion. And our task was to return it to its original appearance. We successfully coped with it, having cleaned the skin and replaced the old dusty stuffing with clean and fluffy stuffing. Plush Clinic Art-berloga.

Yellow teddy restoration

For his 50-something years, this plush patient was quite well preserved, but still needed a quality repair. In the process of restoration he underwent a special cleaning of the coat, old dusty sawdust was replaced with new filler, also the cotter pins of the arms and legs were replaced, as well as the fittings - eyes and nose. After the repair the teddy bear has got the right shape and shining look. Plush Clinic Art-berloga.


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