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Restoration of a little favorite kitty

Repair plush kitty.

It is the "beloved" toys that are our profile. We are not afraid to take on the most difficult tasks of plushie restoration and our efforts are rewarded with indescribable delight in the eyes of our clients. At the end of 2017, the owners of a very young, but very much loved kitty came to Plush Clinic. During her 15 years of life, she had lost almost all of her hair. We had to work hard to implant a new coat. And before that the kitty was carefully cleaned, all the fur was reinforced on the inside to avoid further destruction of the base of the toy, all the holes were scrupulously darned. And only then, in the carefully prepared base we began to implant a new pile. The effect turned out even better than we expected. Also, we picked up and installed a new spout, without which she was not a kitty at all. At the owners' request we added filler to her limbs and torso, namely plastic granulate. And now the beautiful cat, who has recovered in every sense, has returned to her former life in her adoring family.

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