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Restoration of a 40 year old plush dog

Repair old plush dog

Friend came to us for restoration after a long and faithful service to his owners. Life and time had worn and loosened it a bit, and some splotches appeared. But at 40, life is just beginning! Both real and toy life! We never tire of proving it. We gave this doggie a complete cleaning of his coat from years of dust and stains, replaced the filler with modern hypoallergenic hollofiber, installed new joints. And, since the early photos of the toy at the owners have not survived, we did a tremendous job to search for materials about the original form of this dog to restore the face. The result is visible. Buddy returned home as a new one, where the whole family was waiting for him with impatience, and the owners confessed to us that they did not expect such a transformation.

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