Designing toy sewing

Restoration of a 45 year old dog.

Repair old dog

We always welcome careful attitude to toys and preventive measures! After all, it is easier to prevent the destruction of a toy than to restore it when it is in a critical condition. This is exactly what happened with this doggy. In addition to the fact that the owners treated it very carefully for more than 40 years, they turned to Plush Clinic in time! As a result - the toy does not differ from a new one! Although the amount of work on it was quite large. First of all, we removed the old foam filler, cleaned the skin. We monitored the general condition of the product and strengthened the weakened areas of the skin and seams. Next - we filled the doggy with modern safe filler and fluffed the coat. The final chord - a bow. And the toy is home again - warming the owners' hearts with its transformation.

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