Designing toy sewing

Restoration of a 45 year old lion cub

Repair lion cub

Levushka came to Plush Clinic Art-berloga in the most serious condition. Almost all of his once good fur had turned into rags over the years. Many times the toy was tried to be rescued by its caring owners. This was evident from the number of hand stitches we had to remove before the main repair process began. We replaced completely damaged parts of the product with new German long-wool plush - chest, back, upper half of the handles. And also completely replaced the mane with material as close as possible in color and texture to the original. Titanic work had to be done to save a whole part of the skin. Namely: sew up all the arrows and duplicate the base of the artificial fur, strengthen the seams. Leva's transformation is visible to the naked eye. Now he has returned home to his loving family and will serve for generations to come!

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