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Repair plush elephant

We absolutely love how the toys are transformed after a visit to Plush Clinic Art-berloga! Look closely! They all even have a different look in their eyes! They arrive with sad eyes and go home with shining ones! And how much labor and effort we put in to achieve such an effect is known only to the masters, who try day and night to restore another plushie and bring it back to the family as soon as possible! At first glance, the condition of the gray Elephant was relatively normal, but on closer examination it became clear - the skin is dotted with small holes, snags and arrows. And each such damage was eliminated manually, after cleaning the toy. We did not forget to replace the filler - new fluffy syntepuh, so the Elephant got the former forms, but remained very soft. And when we corrected his eyes and fluffed up his fur, it was as if he had just come from a shop window. Both we and the owner of the toy were satisfied with the work done!  Now her childhood friend will live for many years and will even have time to please future generations!

Restoration yellow teddy bear

A bright yellow USSR-era bear almost lost its head, literally! It was held on a single thread and had to be put back in place immediately. But, as it turned out, this was not the primary task. Because the toy began to actively crumble hair and there were bald spots on the tummy, on the arms and legs and on the face. Therefore, to begin with, we started cleaning the toy and impregnating its fur with our specially developed composition for strengthening the base. At the same time, the pile itself remained as soft and fluffy as it was, but its active crumbling was stopped. And there was also a need to replace some parts of the joints of the toy, namely - metal joints. For this purpose strong cotter pins were purchased and fitted into the articular disks of the toy, and these wooden parts were pre-impregnated by us with glue to prevent wear and tear. And only after all the procedures the head was installed, as it is supposed to be, on the bear's shoulders. This is the long way of transformation all soft patients go through in Plush Clinic. And after such procedures they are transformed beyond recognition!

Repair vintage teddy

Oh and we worked hard with this bear!!! Toptygin turned out to be a tough nut and we had to work hard to save him. We simply snatched the bear from the terrible clutches of oblivion! After all, just a little bit more and he would have fallen apart in our hands! Fortunately, the owners of the toy in time turned to Plush clinic Art-berloga . And we are not timid guys! Difficult tasks only spur us on and excite us! As always, the case began with cleaning, and then came the "heat". The material we needed to repair the gaps, matching in color and texture, was nowhere, from the word at all! And then, having purchased a sufficient amount of all kinds of dyes for fabric, having gathered our courage and rolled up our sleeves, we started to hand-dye a selected piece of viscose. Our workshop suddenly turned into a chemical laboratory - dyes were mixed, dark liquid of different concentrations was bubbling in containers, where a flap of fabric was dipped in turn to be dyed in the desired shade. It took us 5 days just for the dyeing process. But the result stunned everyone - the material was made almost identical color, and the texture - one in the same! Therefore, the places where there were gaps became absolutely invisible! And the rubbed heels and palms were also made new - from microplush of milk chocolate color. We replaced the cotter pins, and the wooden disks were reinforced with a special impregnation. Now all the limbs of the toy are movable around their axis. The selection of fittings was also an important moment. To make the bear as much as possible similar to himself in his youth, we repeatedly consulted with the owner of this plushie about the appearance and configuration of the nose, eyes. We tried on various variants, tried even donor parts from other toys of the same Soviet period, until we reached a complete consensus with the customer. The filler of the toy was replaced with an identical one, namely - densely tamped wood chips to recreate the original shape and density of the product. Bottom line: a tremendous amount of work has been done and we are not ashamed to be proud of this work! Here it is - toy restoration in the full sense of the word! Here it is - Plush Clinic in action!


Repair plush sheep

Didn't you notice how transformed, handsome and cheerful the lamb is after the restoration? Why? - Because he didn't have such attractive eyes before! His native eyes turned out to be completely unsuitable for further use: all the plastic of the pupils was in small chips, cracks, scratches and grinding was ineffective in this case. That's why, after the basic procedures for cleaning and repairing the skin, after stuffing the lamb and after fluffing the wool, we started to select new fittings! We have chosen a lot of variants, reviewed a great number, and stopped on big sky-blue eyes (otherwise you can not say), that charm and beckon, as alive! Now Barash is vigorous, cheerful, well-fed and ready to live in a loving family for decades more side by side with a loving baby, supporting him in all his endeavors, travels and accomplishments!

Repair big panda

Tested: even such a huge panda can be loved and squeezed so much that it just can't stand this happiness! And if there is more than one child in the family, the speed of the process increases in direct proportion to the number of little varmints! And the further path of a toy tired of attention - goes nowhere else but to us for restoration! Upon receipt of the black and white patient, we urgently began its rescue. To begin with, we extracted all the filler, cleaned the skin from dust, which was quite strongly embedded in the pole, because the toy is a floor toy. And then, having waited until the pile dries well, we began to restore the shape of the toy with the help of filler. In the place of connection of the head with the neck we installed 2 additional separating membranes, so that in case of a repeated break of the same kind, the stuffing of the product did not scatter around the house. After the restoration, the Panda became as if even bigger, as if we had not "treated" it, but fattened it up! As a result, we had to take a special car for her in order to transport the repaired and "recovered" Plush Clinic visitor home to her waiting family as comfortably as possible!

Repair plush tiger

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a big plush tiger met a little defenseless girl who needed a friend. And their friendship was very strong and reliable. In fact, even with the passage of years they remain inseparable. Only now the grown-up girl protects her pet Timka from all sorts of life difficulties and even from old age. That is why she entrusted us with the restoration of the precious Tiger. To begin with, we removed the old foam filler from the toy and cleaned the fur from dirt and dust. After cleaning the black stripes almost came off the fur, so after filling the product with syntepuhom and after installing the eyes, we manually restored the animalistic coloring with water-resistant paint. The work was very labor-intensive and time-consuming, but the result exceeded all expectations. Timka again became "like in childhood" according to the customer!  And this is the main thing we achieve with our work - not just repairing toys, but reviving long-lost emotions!

Repair pink teddy

Every soft toy that is more than 20 years old is a real time bomb. And this is not an exaggeration! With the help of a cute pink teddy bear we were once again convinced of the rightness of our beliefs. At first glance, he is a bear like a bear: intact, quite soft and even the skin is practically clean. But, we had to open the hidden seam, and we were horrified - as a filler of the bear was used foam, which for 20 years of use of the toy has already managed to succumb to the irreversible process of decomposition. It partially overworked and crumbled, the small crumbs began to stick together in clumps.  This situation only excited us and we bravely entered the battle with unusable filler. The very first stage of work - cleaning the toy - took the most time and was extremely labor-intensive. All small particles of crumbled foam had to be picked out of the base of the skin by hand. And only after we managed to completely get rid of the old filler, the stage of wet cleaning and drying began. For the bear we chose the softest synthetic down, so that it would be pleasant to the touch for its owners. The pink and shining clean coat was fluffed using our author's technology. And, as a final touch, we fixed the eyes more tightly. Misha returned home to continue to please his owners with his presence, to remind them of happy moments of childhood and to erase the boundaries of the past.

Repair fox toy

The fox Gregory struck us to the core with his charisma. This plush toy is definitely endowed with a soul. You look into his plastic eyes and see there all his long life, all the severity of his character and all his inner strength. Apparently, it is this strength that allowed him to live to such a respectable age - 27 years old - and to keep the best shape. The only thing that suffered was the toy's ability to stand on its own feet. The fox could only sit. But this trouble was eliminated quickly enough. After cleaning the skin, we filled Grigory very densely with syntepuh, from which all his limbs acquired the correct shape and sufficient rigidity to provide the toy stability. He returned home in excellent condition, as if those long 27 years of life before his rehabilitation at Plush Clinic Art-berloga had never happened.

Repair pig toy

The 20-year-old pig was quite well preserved for her age. The whole Plush Clinic team noted this and proceeded to work amicably, without any unnecessary preamble. The main problem was with the clothes. If the pig's skin turned out to be intact and without stains, the pants just needed to be replaced. The caring owners of Piggy had already mended and darned her clothes many times, and even tried to restore them with the help of external overlays. Although such measures give only a temporary effect, they inspire us for real accomplishments, because they prove again and again how much people love their plush friends! And we started with the main thing - cleaning of the skin. Next - partial replacement of clothes and strengthening of weakened parts of the product. For this we had to disassemble the toy almost completely. And when we put it back together, we realized that we did not try in vain. The new pants fit even better than the previous ones. The toy had new, correct outlines and shapes, it stopped being like a flattened pillow, and became Piggy again. Finally, we gave Piggy a procedure of fluffing the hair and she was transformed dramatically! The owners of the toy were pleased and said that we are not a plush clinic, but time charmers! After all, for two weeks of work to return the toy to 20 years ago - this, you must agree, not everyone can do!)))

Portrait doll repair

Plush Clinic Art-berloga has seen a lot of toys that have been loved or damaged. But we were very surprised to learn that our own work of art, a portrait doll whose appearance had been nicely corrected by a cute pet dog, was in urgent need of restoration. After examining the patient, we were horrified - the scale of the damage was very large. The hair cover was destroyed by 70%, the face was crumpled, deformed, the nose was practically pressed inside, the upper textile layer near the lips and nose was torn. The fingers of the hands have lost their anatomical shape and become like sausages. Shoes are classically chewed up. To eliminate such complex damage, we, first of all, asked for photos of the appearance of a person in the present time and already on them created a new face from scratch. From the head we left only a dummy, all anatomical features of the human face the masters created and applied on it anew. They covered the face and neck with a new layer of textile. They added hair, beard and eyebrows to the doll. We corrected the shape of her fingers. We created new shoes and worked on the costume, which had lost its look. The difference "before/after" is noticeable to everyone and to the naked eye. The collectible doll has returned to the owner, but now she lives in a secluded corner, inaccessible to pets.


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