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Restoration of a plush elephant

Repair plush elephant

We absolutely love how the toys are transformed after a visit to Plush Clinic Art-berloga! Look closely! They all even have a different look in their eyes! They arrive with sad eyes and go home with shining ones! And how much labor and effort we put in to achieve such an effect is known only to the masters, who try day and night to restore another plushie and bring it back to the family as soon as possible! At first glance, the condition of the gray Elephant was relatively normal, but on closer examination it became clear - the skin is dotted with small holes, snags and arrows. And each such damage was eliminated manually, after cleaning the toy. We did not forget to replace the filler - new fluffy syntepuh, so the Elephant got the former forms, but remained very soft. And when we corrected his eyes and fluffed up his fur, it was as if he had just come from a shop window. Both we and the owner of the toy were satisfied with the work done!  Now her childhood friend will live for many years and will even have time to please future generations!

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