Designing toy sewing

Restoration of doll's body and eyes

Renovation doll's body

For its 25 years, the rag-and-plastic doll was preserved quite well, but still lost its appearance. The body was badly worn out, sewn and darned more than once by the owners. The doll's eyes practically didn't work, eyelashes were lost, and the vinyl body changed its original color. We had already started to prepare for restoration and were ready to use heavy artillery of our restoration skills, but the owner of the toy was worried that it would become too new and lose all traces of life together with him. Therefore, we were given the following tasks - to replace the textile part of the torso, to gently clean the plastic parts of the product, to restore the mobility of the eyeballs and to make new eyelashes. Cleaning of the doll's body was not an easy process, the dust embedded for 25 years by gentle means did not want to be cleaned off, the vinyl only got a little lighter, but this result completely satisfied the owner and we proceeded to the next work. We cut out of dense calico back and tummy, gathered them into one piece and sewed to the body limbs - arms, legs, head, having previously put inside the hypoallergenic filler. And the mobility of the eyes was restored. The eyelashes were purchased and glued on completely new. And, as a finishing touch, we embroidered a gift inscription on the front part of the doll. We agree that it was possible to work on the doll, soak the body in chemical solutions, trying to return the former color, put brand new eyes, but it would be a completely new product. And the main task of a restorer is to preserve authenticity! It is with this skill that we win the hearts of all those who want to bring their favorite toy back to life!

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