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Restoration of the big panda

Repair big panda

Tested: even such a huge panda can be loved and squeezed so much that it just can't stand this happiness! And if there is more than one child in the family, the speed of the process increases in direct proportion to the number of little varmints! And the further path of a toy tired of attention - goes nowhere else but to us for restoration! Upon receipt of the black and white patient, we urgently began its rescue. To begin with, we extracted all the filler, cleaned the skin from dust, which was quite strongly embedded in the pole, because the toy is a floor toy. And then, having waited until the pile dries well, we began to restore the shape of the toy with the help of filler. In the place of connection of the head with the neck we installed 2 additional separating membranes, so that in case of a repeated break of the same kind, the stuffing of the product did not scatter around the house. After the restoration, the Panda became as if even bigger, as if we had not "treated" it, but fattened it up! As a result, we had to take a special car for her in order to transport the repaired and "recovered" Plush Clinic visitor home to her waiting family as comfortably as possible!

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