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Repair a soft detective doll

Repair soft doll

After 2 years of daily close contact and tireless interaction with a loving baby, the imposing Art-berloga Searcher came to the Plush Clinic to rest, regain strength and recover. During the long and extremely active period of the textile doll's life, there was much less damage than we expected. The most difficult task was to make a new frame, as we had to take the whole body apart and reassemble it after replacing the flexible elements. This definitely took a considerable amount of time. But we solved the rest of the tasks in no time. We replaced the textile on the nose, cleaned and ironed the suit, put the leg back in place, fixed the glasses. And now, already renewed, the Detective is back to his daily tasks - to watch over his little owner and be his best friend at all times. We are confident that with further intensive use, the quality of our work and after-sales service will provide this toy at least 2-3 years of decent existence without repair and maintenance. And maybe even more, if the load on this frame doll will be reduced.

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