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Restoration of a favorite plush sheep

Repair plush sheep

Didn't you notice how transformed, handsome and cheerful the lamb is after the restoration? Why? - Because he didn't have such attractive eyes before! His native eyes turned out to be completely unsuitable for further use: all the plastic of the pupils was in small chips, cracks, scratches and grinding was ineffective in this case. That's why, after the basic procedures for cleaning and repairing the skin, after stuffing the lamb and after fluffing the wool, we started to select new fittings! We have chosen a lot of variants, reviewed a great number, and stopped on big sky-blue eyes (otherwise you can not say), that charm and beckon, as alive! Now Barash is vigorous, cheerful, well-fed and ready to live in a loving family for decades more side by side with a loving baby, supporting him in all his endeavors, travels and accomplishments!

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