Designing toy sewing

Repair of the USSR teddy bear

Restoration yellow teddy bear

A bright yellow USSR-era bear almost lost its head, literally! It was held on a single thread and had to be put back in place immediately. But, as it turned out, this was not the primary task. Because the toy began to actively crumble hair and there were bald spots on the tummy, on the arms and legs and on the face. Therefore, to begin with, we started cleaning the toy and impregnating its fur with our specially developed composition for strengthening the base. At the same time, the pile itself remained as soft and fluffy as it was, but its active crumbling was stopped. And there was also a need to replace some parts of the joints of the toy, namely - metal joints. For this purpose strong cotter pins were purchased and fitted into the articular disks of the toy, and these wooden parts were pre-impregnated by us with glue to prevent wear and tear. And only after all the procedures the head was installed, as it is supposed to be, on the bear's shoulders. This is the long way of transformation all soft patients go through in Plush Clinic. And after such procedures they are transformed beyond recognition!

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