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Restoration of a plush tiger

Repair plush tiger

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a big plush tiger met a little defenseless girl who needed a friend. And their friendship was very strong and reliable. In fact, even with the passage of years they remain inseparable. Only now the grown-up girl protects her pet Timka from all sorts of life difficulties and even from old age. That is why she entrusted us with the restoration of the precious Tiger. To begin with, we removed the old foam filler from the toy and cleaned the fur from dirt and dust. After cleaning the black stripes almost came off the fur, so after filling the product with syntepuhom and after installing the eyes, we manually restored the animalistic coloring with water-resistant paint. The work was very labor-intensive and time-consuming, but the result exceeded all expectations. Timka again became "like in childhood" according to the customer!  And this is the main thing we achieve with our work - not just repairing toys, but reviving long-lost emotions!

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