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Beige bunny restoration

Beige bunny repair

To see a bunny in a lump of dirty old fake fur, and then to clean it up and make it look like itself - that is our vocation and our favorite thing to do! Over the years, we have already created a clear order of procedures that each toy goes through in Plush Clinic Art-berloga. And this Zai was one of them. First, the procedure is not for the faint-hearted - the spacer of the toy plus the removal of the filler, after which the plush patient is left with only the skin, with which all subsequent processes take place. Namely - cleaning, it does not bypass any plush patient, even if before it was washed at home. Next: monitoring the condition of the seams and the base of the toy, repairing all the errors, eliminating the holes and gaps present. After making sure that the main tasks are completed, we proceed to the external beauty. Restore the shape of the toy with the help of filler, fluff up the fur with our secret: but very effective method and voila - the original raggy lump turned into a full-fledged soft toy!

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