Designing toy sewing

Repair plush boxer

The plush athlete, came to us with a broken nose, holey shorts and worn out gloves. The former hero of the plush ring was completely restored. In the process of work we replaced his filling, sewed new boxer shorts and gloves, eliminated the "battle" gaps and restored the nose. Restoration of former glory at Plush Clinic Art-berloga.

repair of wedding bears

The story of these little bears is absolutely non-standard. In the past, we received toys in different states: with torn off limbs, without a face, just in gaps, but this couple arrived neatly disassembled piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle. Our "plush surgeons" professionally assembled this puzzle and the bears returned home in pristine condition. The most careful restoration of soft toys from Plush Clinic Art-berloga.

Repair little dog

This 15 centimeter small dog was our main task for more than one day, because it was handed over for restoration in extremely difficult condition. During the restoration process, most of the doggie's skin was replaced with new quality material and the rest was cleaned of dirt and stains. We also had to make significant adjustments to the shape of the doggy, as the toy was originally cut incorrectly. We also restored the fittings, restored the pattern of eyes. As a result, we got practically a new toy.

Repair teddy bear.

We always say that toys come to us for restoration from great love! They are not damaged, they are loved! And this bear is no exception! After all the necessary manipulations - cleaning the coat, replacing the filler, sanding and restoring the eyes - the little mistress could not believe that such wonderful transformations happen. For us it was the highest praise!

big plush Lion

The plush king of beasts met us completely emaciated. The caring hands of craftsmen brought the Lion back to life: they cleaned the skin, replaced the old compressed filler and gave the majestic forms a noble fullness. The mane was fluffed and restored to its original appearance. The lion returned home fully restored and renewed to the owner's great joy.

the oldest teddy bear

The most unique restoration of the favorite teddy bear age of 125 years! The plush long-lived teddy bear is just a museum piece! The fastening of paws and head is made by the technology of cotter pins. The stuffing of the toy was made of wooden sawdust and shavings! Art-berloga restoration masters put the "inner world" and appearance of the teddy bear in order and now it will please its owners for a long time!

Yellow bear repair

A lovely yellow bear Toptygin came to us in a terrible condition and required urgent "resuscitation". At first we didn't even realize what a dirty, dusty lump in a bag was brought to us.... As it turned out for the last ten years the toy was stored in a bag either in an old attic or in a barn.... The head was separated from the torso, on the chest gaping hole the size of the entire chest ... We, without hesitation, started to work and after the first "SPA-procedures" the bear's coat became shiny and played with its former colors. Patches for small holes on the body were chosen to match it. Also the filler was completely replaced, the missing eye was glued and a new nose was picked up. The bear was completely transformed! To say that the owner was satisfied with the restoration is not to say anything! Contact us! Let your teddy bear live a new life!

Repair plush hand

It can happen that a toy is good, new, but due to an accident it gets minor damage. We deal with them in the shortest possible time! This is another reason to trust us to repair your favorite toy!

Restoration old bear.

45 years old is the prime of life. And not only human strength, but also plush bear strength. In the process of restoration we cleaned and tidied the fur of Mikhal Mikhalych's bear and got rid of dust accumulated over the years and cleaned the stuffing - wood shavings. After all these manipulations, Mikhal Mikhalych was filled with clean stuffing and sent home, where he is loved and cared for like the apple of the eye. This has largely affected the condition of the toy for almost fifty years of use. Take care of your soft friends! And their plush health will always be taken care of by the masters of Plush Clinic Art-berloga!

Restoration teddy bear.

There's nothing worse than redoing someone else's work. Blue Bear came to us after restoration, but she was not in the best condition. The paw dangled on two strings and soon fell off, the dress was tattered. The color and shape of the face did not correspond to the owner's wishes. And the repeated restoration was entrusted to our Plush Clinic. We chose the material for the light part of the face and paws that corresponds to the original as much as possible. We restored the original shape of the profile, cleaned and restored the outfit. We fluffed the coat. The restoration was a great success!


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