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Restoration of a small soft dog

Repair small dog

Over the years of practice and observation, we have collected a lot of statistical data. According to them, of all possible body parts of soft toys, it is the nose part of the face that suffers in 90% of cases.  We are not going to say exactly what this is due to, but, apparently, instinctively everyone is interested in and fascinated by the most "prominent" places. This applies to both people and animals. After all, many toys have to endure infringements from pets: dogs, cats, hand rodents. So - and animals want to mutilate it is the nose of their plush brethren. Over the miniature 15-centimeter dog, in due time, pets have worked hard, having corrected its appearance at their own discretion. And our task was to return it to its original appearance. We successfully coped with it, having cleaned the skin and replaced the old dusty stuffing with clean and fluffy stuffing. Plush Clinic Art-berloga.

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