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Restoration of a vintage plush teddy

Repair vintage teddy

Oh and we worked hard with this bear!!! Toptygin turned out to be a tough nut and we had to work hard to save him. We simply snatched the bear from the terrible clutches of oblivion! After all, just a little bit more and he would have fallen apart in our hands! Fortunately, the owners of the toy in time turned to Plush clinic Art-berloga . And we are not timid guys! Difficult tasks only spur us on and excite us! As always, the case began with cleaning, and then came the "heat". The material we needed to repair the gaps, matching in color and texture, was nowhere, from the word at all! And then, having purchased a sufficient amount of all kinds of dyes for fabric, having gathered our courage and rolled up our sleeves, we started to hand-dye a selected piece of viscose. Our workshop suddenly turned into a chemical laboratory - dyes were mixed, dark liquid of different concentrations was bubbling in containers, where a flap of fabric was dipped in turn to be dyed in the desired shade. It took us 5 days just for the dyeing process. But the result stunned everyone - the material was made almost identical color, and the texture - one in the same! Therefore, the places where there were gaps became absolutely invisible! And the rubbed heels and palms were also made new - from microplush of milk chocolate color. We replaced the cotter pins, and the wooden disks were reinforced with a special impregnation. Now all the limbs of the toy are movable around their axis. The selection of fittings was also an important moment. To make the bear as much as possible similar to himself in his youth, we repeatedly consulted with the owner of this plushie about the appearance and configuration of the nose, eyes. We tried on various variants, tried even donor parts from other toys of the same Soviet period, until we reached a complete consensus with the customer. The filler of the toy was replaced with an identical one, namely - densely tamped wood chips to recreate the original shape and density of the product. Bottom line: a tremendous amount of work has been done and we are not ashamed to be proud of this work! Here it is - toy restoration in the full sense of the word! Here it is - Plush Clinic in action!


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