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Restoration and cloning of the crab

Plush cloning of toy crab.

This cute Crabby came to us for restoration in a very poor condition. He is so adored by the kids that there was no living space left on him - all in holes and stains, shapeless, with the stuffing knocked into one solid lump. It is even impossible to imagine that once this toy was tender blue color, soft and pleasant to the touch. But nevertheless, we not only cleaned and repaired the existing toy, gave it the right shape with new stuffing, darned the holes and restored the eyes, but also created a brand new Crabik identical to the original. In the process of work we were guided by the photo of the original in its original form. According to the little owners, the new Krabik turned out to be even better than the original and they love him even more now! Miracles do not just happen! We create miracles ourselves! Let your children touch the miracle of transformation of their plush friends!

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