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The restoration and cloning of Stefan the bunny

cloning of bunny toy

In our story, it's the other way around! Stefan the bunny was never abandoned. He was always inseparable from his little mistress. She without him did not eat, did not play, did not sleep. From such a strong childhood love Stefan quickly got worn out and began, literally, to fall apart. We restored Stefan in the shortest possible time - we cleaned him, darned him, replaced the filling and dressed him in a new fur suit. And we also created Stefan Jr. In the image and likeness of the original. Top material - high quality fake fur, filler - hollofiber and glass granulate in the limbs. The inner part of the ears was made of natural mink fur, at the request of the customer. Thus we do not get tired of proving that there are no limits in our business! Please contact us. All your soft whims we will masterfully realize))))))

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