Designing toy sewing

Plush houseboy

Development of a soft toy houseboy, a package of molds and instructions for assembling the plush design.

Repair pink teddy

Every soft toy that is more than 20 years old is a real time bomb. And this is not an exaggeration! With the help of a cute pink teddy bear we were once again convinced of the rightness of our beliefs. At first glance, he is a bear like a bear: intact, quite soft and even the skin is practically clean. But, we had to open the hidden seam, and we were horrified - as a filler of the bear was used foam, which for 20 years of use of the toy has already managed to succumb to the irreversible process of decomposition. It partially overworked and crumbled, the small crumbs began to stick together in clumps.  This situation only excited us and we bravely entered the battle with unusable filler. The very first stage of work - cleaning the toy - took the most time and was extremely labor-intensive. All small particles of crumbled foam had to be picked out of the base of the skin by hand. And only after we managed to completely get rid of the old filler, the stage of wet cleaning and drying began. For the bear we chose the softest synthetic down, so that it would be pleasant to the touch for its owners. The pink and shining clean coat was fluffed using our author's technology. And, as a final touch, we fixed the eyes more tightly. Misha returned home to continue to please his owners with his presence, to remind them of happy moments of childhood and to erase the boundaries of the past.

soft toy Alf

Our alien Alf is created in a mixed technique. This means that the toy is partly felted from wool and partly sewn from plush. Such complex manipulations are done in order to achieve maximum similarity of the toy with the character from the cult sitcom. The product is created in a stationary sitting position, but, at the same time, it has movable arms due to the flexible frame inside. The material for the pelt is selected from a series of artificial long-wool furs with a pile height of 7 cm. For the muzzle, ears, palms and feet, plush with a pile length of 4 mm was chosen. Though the muzzle itself is created in the technique of dry felting of wool, but so that it does not stand out in color from the general ensemble, it is covered with plush. The filling is syntepuh. The eyes are plastic. Alf lives now in Kharkov and entertains his family every day. And we are seriously thinking of putting such a shaggy charmer in our workshop, it's really more fun with him!

mascot toy bear

Oh, we love difficult tasks! At first glance such an uncomplicated bear should not have created any difficulties for us, but when the client knows exactly to the millimeter what his plush friend should be, and even more so the company's mascot - the task becomes a little bit more complicated! There is no right to deviate from the client's idea or to add an author's touch. Clear work according to the terms of reference. And, even at a distance of almost 9 000 kilometers by air, we managed to create a toy exactly as the customer wanted it to be. Butuzik bear is made of dense short-sworded artificial fur and filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. All its shapes are made in full conformity with the sketch. On the back the bear has a secret pocket for a sound module, and on the tummy there is an electronic embroidery of the logo. But most importantly, we managed to create a facial expression on the bear, quote: "like a sarcastic asshole", which was the most important thing for the client! And for this we had to move eyebrows and eyes on the face countless times until we reached a consensus. The product is now in Singapore and is doing a great job as a company symbol. We are very happy and proud to make another mark on our map of international cooperation.

Soft cat toy

The cutest character from the social network came off the screen thanks to the spontaneous idea of a young man and our hard work. Always, when you look at such characters, it seems that there is nothing to do there! Just a bag-shaped kitty with a minimum of decoration and not complicated detailing. But in fact, all the most simple and primitive figures - extremely difficult to work. To bring out plausible clear forms of the kitty we had to spend a week of working time, to create, destroy and re-create 4 models, and only the 5th one turned out to be a full-fledged prototype of the toy, which, as a result, and was approved by the customer. The toy itself is made of the most pleasant, in tactile terms, microplush of two tones - light gray and dark gray. When working with the material we discovered its amazing feature - this microplush has a memory, it captures every touch to itself and Pushin has to be often ironed to make him look neat. Without expecting it, we have endowed the toy with the character of a real fluffy pet, to whom you should definitely give your attention! As for constructive decisions, the center of gravity of the toy is deliberately shifted, as a result of which Kotik is deflected backwards, as it was drawn on the sticker, which served us as a sketch. However, this unusual position and specific design do not prevent Pushin from maintaining a stable position on his own, without any additional supports. Nowadays this smiling cat gives his positivity to beautiful people! And we are already in anticipation of sewing him in new and new hypostases, poses and images!

Decor plush monkey

Creating interior or exterior décor is always a fun process. And for the time of designing and sewing these products, our workshop turned into a real Planet of the Apes - these cute pink shaggies, as tall as a man, crowded all our workspace. Besides, there was one sloth among them, which turned out to be so lazy that it took longer than all five monkeys together to be born. All items are made of artificial fur of limited edition "Alpaca", and the sloth is made of no less rare artificial fur of "Lama" series. The height of each piece is 155 cm and the weight is about 5 kg. At this size it is a small weight of the product, and it is achieved by using very light and breathable filler, which provides good mobility and flexibility of the long limbs. For each of the monkeys a system of fasteners is thought out and organised in order to hang the toys high under the ceiling in certain poses. And now, this exotic plush menagerie is comfortably placed and decorates the Kiev Pastateca establishment. By the way, whoever will be there - say hello to this fluffy flock!

Blue mascot toy

Original mascot doll with bad habits)))) This imposing thirty-centimeter plush man could very successfully become a mascot of some "tobacco brand" - (for example), because he does not part with a cigarette at all, but he was invented in a company of a completely different profile and very well reflects the bold attitude of the young team. We faced the task not only to make the toy similar, but also to give it maximum life, that is - maximum mobility. The whole doll is assembled on a flexible frame, which allows you to fix its limbs in any pose. There is also a frame in the cigarette, and this gives the image even more variability, provides a variety of poses and facial expressions of the doll during filming for social networks. The material used for the manufacture of this toy is characterized by a special texture, very pleasant tactile. The doll is filled with hypoallergenic and softest syntepuh, which is extremely important in its use - the forms are quickly restored immediately after interaction with the toy and, at the same time, do not lose the high hygienic properties of the toy: the filler does not breed dust mites and almost no dust accumulates. The toy turned out well! Everyone was satisfied with the result! And, while the companies that do not have original mascots are nervously smoking in the sidelines, we can already now develop and realize your corporate hero. Contact us!

Soft curly toy

This thirty centimeter man was created according to the black and white sketch of the customer and all the time, while the work lasted, reminded us of some incredible genius, and at times - and Einstein himself. Probably because of his thick curly hair, which was the most labor intensive. This textile doll is sewn from the softest snow-white microplush and filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. Each hair of the little man is handmade and has a medium stiffness and small thickness frame inside. All for the curls to have such volume and to be able to curl them as you like. The human doll itself is without a frame, in a stationary pose and, in order to maintain an upright position, it needs a support. That is, the doll cannot stand on its own. But, fortunately, this does not affect her charm and appearance. Although a nice bonus in the form of movable limbs would be nice to add to it. And if you have such ideas - we will gladly realize any textile doll according to your sketch with a more functional body. Please contact us!

Soft kitten toy

When a drawn kitten becomes not just a cute character in a picture, but already a "front cat" of a well-known brand in the country - the hands of our magicians are itching to create it in the form of a toy. And we are not used to deny ourselves the pleasure to work hard! So! The bright turquoise material of the skin, which looks extremely favorable against the background of orange ears and striped neck, was chosen quickly and without unnecessary discussion. But the character of the toy turned out to be very serious and not soft at all! Several times the construction of the cat was radically changed in order to achieve the best forms and proportions of the product. In this regard, we had to create several models before we started sewing. The toy is frameless, filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. It holds its shape perfectly and sits stably in a natural pose, it does not require any additional supports. This kitten is perfect as an interior decor and as a full-fledged children's toy, which can be taken for a walk, on a trip or in the garden. And also this product has no age restrictions, because we deliberately did not use small plastic accessories. And even the smallest cat lover can play with it safely.


Soft toy cat

It is hard to imagine what the authors of this character named Cocos "dabbled" in, but we, as plush wizards, just had to create a toy not just similar to the prototype picture, but also extremely companionable. And we have to admit that we succeeded. With such a cat you can go out for a walk, and show up to guests, and on the desktop to keep it, that it was more fun to work. The main thing is not to lose vigilance, because Kokos is an amazing lover of the magic berry "snuff", little wonder where it can lead in its search))) Kotik's height is 30 cm. Made of the most pleasant to the touch plush. Filling - hypoallergenic syntepuh. The eyes are textile. Having been born in our workshop, Kokosik very soon went to live in a big and glorious city, the capital of a neighboring state. Now he periodically sends us his northern greetings.


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