Designing toy sewing

Decor for Pastateca restaurant

Decor plush monkey

Creating interior or exterior décor is always a fun process. And for the time of designing and sewing these products, our workshop turned into a real Planet of the Apes - these cute pink shaggies, as tall as a man, crowded all our workspace. Besides, there was one sloth among them, which turned out to be so lazy that it took longer than all five monkeys together to be born. All items are made of artificial fur of limited edition "Alpaca", and the sloth is made of no less rare artificial fur of "Lama" series. The height of each piece is 155 cm and the weight is about 5 kg. At this size it is a small weight of the product, and it is achieved by using very light and breathable filler, which provides good mobility and flexibility of the long limbs. For each of the monkeys a system of fasteners is thought out and organised in order to hang the toys high under the ceiling in certain poses. And now, this exotic plush menagerie is comfortably placed and decorates the Kiev Pastateca establishment. By the way, whoever will be there - say hello to this fluffy flock!

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