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Toy based on a drawing of Banana Man

Toy Banana Man

Children's irrepressible imagination can create real masterpieces and tirelessly depict them with paper and pencils. And for us it is a special honor to create toys based on children's drawings. We do this work very carefully, conducting preliminary modeling of the product to make sure the correctness of shapes and design, to verify the molds. Then we decide on the materials, namely the texture and color scheme. And then the magic begins! We cut, sew, mount the frame, fill the product, decorate the toy, put all our soul into this labor. And voila - Bananaman is ready! His height is 30 cm. This is the most convenient and optimal size for children's toys and dolls. Limbs are movable, thanks to the wire frame in rubber braiding inside the whole body. Due to this, the plush superhero can sit, stand, do twine and many other poses. From now on he is always and everywhere inseparable from his little "creator" as a real friend!

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