Designing toy sewing

Plush toy Orca

Although real orcas are big and rather formidable fish, but we successfully manage to create them as kind, gentle, cute and very titillating toys. This is especially important when the main purpose of such a product - to remind your favorite daughter about the tender feelings of Daddy, while he is in a distant voyage across the seas and oceans. Here matters every detail - from the overall cuteness of the product and tactile sensations that cause the surface of the toy, to the meaning of the applied phrase. Therefore, the material for creation of the orca was selected the most pleasant to the touch, dense, on a good base and resistant to erasure. As a filler used hypoallergenic syntepuh, to protect the future owner of the toy from even the slightest risks. The phrase on the side of the orca is hand-embroidered. This toy is exclusive and created in a single copy! In the same way we can develop and create a soft toy in the form of any other character or animal, taking into account all your wishes for the product. Contact us!

plush toy meerkat

How little we know about the world around us! And how many chances we have to know it better, if only we live up to everything that happens to us on a daily basis. At Art-berloga, we start working only when we have a detailed "dossier" on the future toy. But not only the planned height, colour of hair, eyes, shape of ears. In order to feel the image, we need to know all the characteristics of the animal or character, understand his habits in real life, what they affect and how they affect the physiology. But when the work on creation of almost one and a half metre meerkat was outlined - then our whole team was imbued with this miracle-animal! And all because new knowledge from the field of animalistics simply shocked us. And how not to share with the whole world that meerkats - although predators, but very social, live in large families, build relationships, have their own well-established way of life! And generally behave in a very reasonable way. They are like fearless knights, able to bravely fight with snakes and scorpions, and they are 100% immune to the poison of the latter.

Encouraged and inspired by this knowledge, we created our Girl quickly and easily enough. And she left to guard the "possessions" of the little princess, to "tell" her the most interesting stories from the life of her fellow creatures, to be a faithful friend and companion for her for many, many years! And we start to realise new characters from textile and syntepuh, but first of all - to study them thoroughly, in order to please you again with all kinds of interesting, mind-expanding, interesting and most charming, most cute toys!


Soft toy red cat

Our ginger kitty is glowing with contentment and well-being, asking for "Take me in and I'll bring happiness to your home!". He is huge for his size and this gives him even more charm. All that a child wants at the sight of this red-haired block of happiness is to hug and squeeze the toy, to take possession of it and not to share it with anyone, not to give it to anyone else. The cat is made of plush of two shades of orange color with black inserts, but for the face and paws we used snow-white microplush. All strips of his fur are cut and sewn from the material of two shades, so the work on the product took quite a long time. The pants are non-removable, made of koton. Nose created him from wool and covered with a layer of elastic fabric for greater plausibility. The height of the toy is 50 centimeters. The circumference of such a good waist - 80 centimeters. Weight - 800 grams. "KPD" - 100%, because not a single person this redhead has not left indifferent.

dragon soft toy

The honorable mission of creating the first toy in the image of a cartoon character was entrusted to us directly by the creators of the animated feature film "Clara and the Magic Dragon". We appreciated and fully justified the trust that was shown by the team . The fifty-centimeter Drakosha was created in Art-berloga in a fairly short time for such a complex and detailed character. The work on him was somewhat intense and not all details could be created the first time. There was a lot of painstaking and diligent rework, several mock-ups and several variations of molds. And all because we really wanted to get close to the original, to make the toy as recognizable as possible and corresponding to the 2D image. They often say: the best is the enemy of the good. It is nothing like that! It is the desire for the best that always helps us to keep the mark in sewing exclusive soft toys, to create layout after layout, to correct the slightest mistakes, to hone the patterns and masterfully connect pieces of fabric into one whole! Contact us! And in our hands any of your ideas and ideas will come to life!

Soft toy dog

Every winner knows that it's the clothes that count. And to be more precise - by the way they look. We have never seen a more stylish outfit of the winner! And we have never seen a more handsome dog with leadership skills! More solid and monolithic image - did not expect! And why? And all because we do not wait! We act! This is how "born" in our workshop charismatic and incredibly strong toys that are able to energize, surprise visually and inspire to conquer new heights. After all, when your plush friend proudly carries the banner of the winner in the form of the logo "WINNER", it is impossible to be morally weak next to him. You want to match. The toy is made 100% handmade. There is not a single machine stitch in the toy. Only handmade! Since the size of the Dog is small, and there are a lot of small parts and, with the help of a machine, to collect this textile "mosaic" is impossible. Inside the toy there is a flexible frame, which provides flexibility of the toy's limbs. The dog is stable and does not require additional supports. It took almost three weeks to create such a masterpiece. And it is worth it!

Repair fox toy

The fox Gregory struck us to the core with his charisma. This plush toy is definitely endowed with a soul. You look into his plastic eyes and see there all his long life, all the severity of his character and all his inner strength. Apparently, it is this strength that allowed him to live to such a respectable age - 27 years old - and to keep the best shape. The only thing that suffered was the toy's ability to stand on its own feet. The fox could only sit. But this trouble was eliminated quickly enough. After cleaning the skin, we filled Grigory very densely with syntepuh, from which all his limbs acquired the correct shape and sufficient rigidity to provide the toy stability. He returned home in excellent condition, as if those long 27 years of life before his rehabilitation at Plush Clinic Art-berloga had never happened.

Corporate plush toy

We love all sorts of extravagances!)) We create all kinds of extravagance!))) And if there is a desire to stand out from the crowd, then with this request - to us! The prototype for the creation of this original hat was another corporate symbol of a young creative company, namely - a jar of multicolored jam. And it is not just a hat, it is a real antidepressant. After all, wearing it you feel much more cheerful, and life suddenly becomes sweeter! The material for making the hat is chosen with the highest possible tactility. Both for the inner and outer parts. The hat holds its shape perfectly, yet remains soft. The face is made by electronic machine embroidery. Also, a small logo on the left side of the brim is embroidered. The hat turned out to be very attractive. Do not be afraid to experiment. Paint your life, both personal and corporate, only bright colors, and we - Bureau of soft relations Art-berloga - will always help you in the realization of the planned.

Brand soft pillow

A decorative pillow is always a bright accent in the interior. And when the decorative pillow is made in the image of a mascot - the main character of the company - it is an undoubted advantage. After all, any visitor to the office will definitely notice such an unusual accessory, be sure to touch it and form a new psychological beacon in its perception of the organization. And this beacon 100% will be positive. The toy-pillow in the form of an unearthly creature is made of microplush, filled with tender and ultra-soft chollofiber. The company logo is embroidered on the back. The front part of the mask is formed volumetric with the help of special sewing techniques. Wide radiant smile also has volume, or rather - a hollow inside the toy, thanks to a specially designed frame. The product is safe for adults, animals and even preschool children.

Repair pig toy

The 20-year-old pig was quite well preserved for her age. The whole Plush Clinic team noted this and proceeded to work amicably, without any unnecessary preamble. The main problem was with the clothes. If the pig's skin turned out to be intact and without stains, the pants just needed to be replaced. The caring owners of Piggy had already mended and darned her clothes many times, and even tried to restore them with the help of external overlays. Although such measures give only a temporary effect, they inspire us for real accomplishments, because they prove again and again how much people love their plush friends! And we started with the main thing - cleaning of the skin. Next - partial replacement of clothes and strengthening of weakened parts of the product. For this we had to disassemble the toy almost completely. And when we put it back together, we realized that we did not try in vain. The new pants fit even better than the previous ones. The toy had new, correct outlines and shapes, it stopped being like a flattened pillow, and became Piggy again. Finally, we gave Piggy a procedure of fluffing the hair and she was transformed dramatically! The owners of the toy were pleased and said that we are not a plush clinic, but time charmers! After all, for two weeks of work to return the toy to 20 years ago - this, you must agree, not everyone can do!)))

Knitted soft toy

When a person knows what they want - that's always 50% of success. We take care of the other 50! For this bunny, we received a complete and most accurate technical specification imaginable. We discussed the smallest details, adjusted some nuances and got down to business. Or rather - for thread and hook. Bunny, loop by loop, began its appearance in the world. But with the first time toys only in the movie get) And in real life had to tie the limbs several times to please with the proportions of the customer, to think through and implement the attachment of limbs. We also created a bunny exclusive eyes from polymer clay and a cute nose. And the soft brain, according to the original idea, is always in view, but not stationary, but mobile and mobile. After all, it is the most attractive part of any organism! It should be available 24/7! And who else suddenly needs bunnies with brains and not only - you can fulfill any fantasy, in Art-Berlog!


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