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Corporate mascot bear

mascot toy bear

Oh, we love difficult tasks! At first glance such an uncomplicated bear should not have created any difficulties for us, but when the client knows exactly to the millimeter what his plush friend should be, and even more so the company's mascot - the task becomes a little bit more complicated! There is no right to deviate from the client's idea or to add an author's touch. Clear work according to the terms of reference. And, even at a distance of almost 9 000 kilometers by air, we managed to create a toy exactly as the customer wanted it to be. Butuzik bear is made of dense short-sworded artificial fur and filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. All its shapes are made in full conformity with the sketch. On the back the bear has a secret pocket for a sound module, and on the tummy there is an electronic embroidery of the logo. But most importantly, we managed to create a facial expression on the bear, quote: "like a sarcastic asshole", which was the most important thing for the client! And for this we had to move eyebrows and eyes on the face countless times until we reached a consensus. The product is now in Singapore and is doing a great job as a company symbol. We are very happy and proud to make another mark on our map of international cooperation.

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