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Famous character kitten

Soft kitten toy

When a drawn kitten becomes not just a cute character in a picture, but already a "front cat" of a well-known brand in the country - the hands of our magicians are itching to create it in the form of a toy. And we are not used to deny ourselves the pleasure to work hard! So! The bright turquoise material of the skin, which looks extremely favorable against the background of orange ears and striped neck, was chosen quickly and without unnecessary discussion. But the character of the toy turned out to be very serious and not soft at all! Several times the construction of the cat was radically changed in order to achieve the best forms and proportions of the product. In this regard, we had to create several models before we started sewing. The toy is frameless, filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh. It holds its shape perfectly and sits stably in a natural pose, it does not require any additional supports. This kitten is perfect as an interior decor and as a full-fledged children's toy, which can be taken for a walk, on a trip or in the garden. And also this product has no age restrictions, because we deliberately did not use small plastic accessories. And even the smallest cat lover can play with it safely.

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