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Mascot with bad habits

Blue mascot toy

Original mascot doll with bad habits)))) This imposing thirty-centimeter plush man could very successfully become a mascot of some "tobacco brand" - (for example), because he does not part with a cigarette at all, but he was invented in a company of a completely different profile and very well reflects the bold attitude of the young team. We faced the task not only to make the toy similar, but also to give it maximum life, that is - maximum mobility. The whole doll is assembled on a flexible frame, which allows you to fix its limbs in any pose. There is also a frame in the cigarette, and this gives the image even more variability, provides a variety of poses and facial expressions of the doll during filming for social networks. The material used for the manufacture of this toy is characterized by a special texture, very pleasant tactile. The doll is filled with hypoallergenic and softest syntepuh, which is extremely important in its use - the forms are quickly restored immediately after interaction with the toy and, at the same time, do not lose the high hygienic properties of the toy: the filler does not breed dust mites and almost no dust accumulates. The toy turned out well! Everyone was satisfied with the result! And, while the companies that do not have original mascots are nervously smoking in the sidelines, we can already now develop and realize your corporate hero. Contact us!

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