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Restoration of pink teddy bear

Repair pink teddy

Every soft toy that is more than 20 years old is a real time bomb. And this is not an exaggeration! With the help of a cute pink teddy bear we were once again convinced of the rightness of our beliefs. At first glance, he is a bear like a bear: intact, quite soft and even the skin is practically clean. But, we had to open the hidden seam, and we were horrified - as a filler of the bear was used foam, which for 20 years of use of the toy has already managed to succumb to the irreversible process of decomposition. It partially overworked and crumbled, the small crumbs began to stick together in clumps.  This situation only excited us and we bravely entered the battle with unusable filler. The very first stage of work - cleaning the toy - took the most time and was extremely labor-intensive. All small particles of crumbled foam had to be picked out of the base of the skin by hand. And only after we managed to completely get rid of the old filler, the stage of wet cleaning and drying began. For the bear we chose the softest synthetic down, so that it would be pleasant to the touch for its owners. The pink and shining clean coat was fluffed using our author's technology. And, as a final touch, we fixed the eyes more tightly. Misha returned home to continue to please his owners with his presence, to remind them of happy moments of childhood and to erase the boundaries of the past.

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