Designing toy sewing

Repair teddy bear

Initially, this was a standard restoration. The toy arrived moderately loved, rubbed down, a little battered, and in general the situation seemed familiar to us. And so it was, until we started tinting the hide and in the process invented the latest method of restoring the appearance of the pile almost to its original state. This method significantly increases the visual effect of the restoration and improves the condition of the product. In addition, we did not do without the standard procedures. These are cleaning of the toy, replacement of the old filler with modern one, monitoring of the seams and their strengthening. We also repaired the spout and renewed its color. The difference in Misha's condition before and after the repair is noticeable to the naked eye even by the photo. It's like two different toys, what we didn't fix was Misha's slightly skewed face. He was always so unusual, and it was such a wonderful toy that the client had childhood memories of. We simply had no right to deprive him of his zest and charm. Now this stately brown bear has returned home and started his life with a clean slate! Bring your teddy bears to us for restoration. We will be happy to bring them back to their former glory!

Plush toy surgeon

If the most talented person in his profession has a surname hints (what is there - openly indicates) on fishing, and the occupation is maxillofacial surgery, then how not to use such an extravagant coincidence of circumstances in the manufacture of an exclusive gift statuette. That is why the bear in a doctor's suit catches not a fish but a tooth on a fishing rod. The statuette is stable, made according to the classic technology of sewing soft toys, but modernized by us and the product can be removed from the stand for transportation, for example, or just for a closer look in your own hands. The height of the product is 25 cm. Materials used for its creation - plush, syntepuh, cottons. The tooth is molded from polymer clay, and the fishing rod is assembled from real fishing tackle. To say that this gift caused surprise - do not say anything. Surprise and be surprised, and we will help in any of these actions! We can do any extraordinary ideas!

gift for Lun Company.

A gift should be unique and memorable. And a corporate gift for a company of a hundred people should also be universal. It would seem that all these parameters are not compatible at all, but not in our case!

Let's start in order! Uniqueness. Our "Christmas trees" are the world's first embodiment and visualisation of a not quite decent expression, but so successful that a bouquet of them turned out to be like candies of a popular brand - instead of a thousand words!
This bunch of orange Christmas trees will be remembered by every employee of the office, there is no doubt about it!
The versatility of the gift is expressed by several factors: the cube in which the Christmas trees are placed can be used as an advertising structure, a storage box or a cachepot. It's up to the board of directors to decide)))
The Christmas trees themselves are a great Christmas decoration as well as a substitute for foul language. Stop swearing, show an annoying colleague a Christmas tree and he will understand everything!)))
In the life of every office there are days when you want to exclaim - "Christmas trees!". Let our clients and partners have such exclamations only from overflowing positive emotions, which we will be happy to provide them with!

Soft toy tiger cub

Restoring toys from photos is always a difficult task. To repeat the shapes, sizes, proportions of a toy is only half a job. After all, sometimes it is simply impossible to find in free sale similar to the original material, not to mention the exact copy, which is remembered and with all the soul crave to get customers. Therefore, we have to make every possible effort to meet all expectations. Tigrusha turned out to be the most difficult product we have ever created. All because of the specific white-orange print on the fine pile of the fur. Studying the range of materials both on our market and in neighboring countries did not bring any results. In the end it was decided to recreate the print from the photo of the lost toy. We applied the drawing characteristic for this Tiger with textile paint and a thin brush, invented ways to prevent the paint from spreading and finally achieved the desired result. Soon, Tigrusha pleased the little owner with his magical appearance under the Christmas tree and now they, as before, are always and everywhere together! And our team of masters never tires of enjoying their superpowers)))

Soft toy spaceship

What to do if you want a collectible toy from a limited series, which you can't find in free sale? Yes, so much wanted that it does not go completely out of your head! Sound familiar? Then there are not many options! You can dig through terabytes of information in a hopeless search..... You can despair and resign yourself to it... And you can turn to Art-berloga and order sewing of the desired product, setting the necessary parameters, dimensions and make any modifications to the product to your own taste. Actually, this is what our customers did. Star Craft Void Probe Plush is sewed by us in a single copy with small differences from the collectible models. In addition to the fact that StarCraft Void Probe Plush itself is not easy in terms of design, we were somewhat puzzled by the customer's desire to get a toy with glow-in-the-dark elements. To say that the whole Ukrainian market was promoted for the presence of light-accumulating fabrics - nothing to say! But there were no suitable options, to order from abroad and wait for the fabric to arrive - also not a solution, because the toy had to be made and presented in a clearly agreed time. And we found the only true solution - hand-coloring of fabric with the addition of a special luminous pigment. This feature of the toy allows it to act as a night lamp for children's bedroom and makes the yellow starship a reliable protector of children's dreams! That is why we confidently and boldly declare - you are in safe hands! After all, we are ready not only to sew toys, but also to jump "above your head!", to non-standard tasks and creative solutions!

Repair old monkey

You can see with the naked eye that Chita the monkey has been a favorite toy for years. What was it?! - She is and will be for a long, long time in her caring family, which turned to us for help. As it often happens, the favorite toy is not only dusty, but also quite old. The skin came apart at the seams, exposing the stringy soul of the monkey. The face was worn out and skewed, and the arms and legs were no longer obeyed at all and tried to go into "free swimming". For some time the owners tried to maintain Chita in a proper condition, but they chose the wrong method, which only aggravated the situation and finally spoiled her appearance. Therefore, we had a place to go wild. To begin with, we freed the monkey of old hand stitches, glue residues and from dusty filler, we dry cleaned the pelt. We replaced the face, palm and foot parts completely. The cotter pins needed replacing too, so the old fasteners were not even considered as an option. The filler for Chita was chosen identical to the original - excellent dried wood chips. And voila! As if by magic, the old collectible toy returned to the owner rejuvenated for about 20 years! Contact us, we will surprise you too!)))

custom red bunny

When a child passionately wants to get a red bunny for the New Year under the tree - his dream must be fulfilled without asking why red and without explaining that such a color of skin is completely unnatural for these animals. And when the goal is so clearly formed - the work goes easily, unhindered. This bunny is made of certified artificial fur, and as a filler used hypoallergenic syntepuh, which perfectly holds its shape even after several washings, almost does not accumulate dust and, most importantly - is a hostile environment for dust mites. The nose of the toy is made of microplush and firmly sewn into the face, so minimize the risk for children who like to tear off small parts of the hardware and quietly taste them. In general, we approached the order thoughtfully and tried to create not only a beautiful, but also the most ergonomic product, safe for the youngest consumer.

game coins pillow

Yes, we cannot become a mint, but we are no worse at printing (read "minting") coins! A batch of such soft currency was customized by a Kiev gaming company, exclusively for their internal use. Each coin is double-sided, the most complex pattern is applied using full-color printing. And soft weightless filling beckons to use them as pillows for comfortable rest. The diameter of the products is 30 centimeters.

Repair plush monkey

Our plush clinic has a new patient wounded by love. No, he has not had his heart broken by an unreciprocated feeling. On the contrary, from a long period of great love and time, his appearance and even his filling have undergone changes not for the better. His eyes lost their luster, his skin was worn out, and his "inner world" tried to escape through the torn seams on his decrepit body. But nothing is impossible for our masters of plush business. They sewed everything up, darned, cleaned, replaced the stuffing, renewed the eyes. And then everything went according to the protocol: therapy, massage and stretching of the plush spine. And our hero, like new returned to the family to continue to receive signs of love and adoration. We accept orders not only for the manufacture of new toys, but also repair, restore your old and adored plushies, with which you do not want to part, but only to pass them on to your children. Please contact us! We are always glad to help you!

restoration kitty toy

Our plush clinic was approached by a little lady. Her beloved kitty was in need of treatment. Our masters immediately rushed to the rescue. The toy was restored as a matter of urgency. The most delicate places were replaced: the tummy, heels and ears, the skin was cleaned and the eyes were renewed. The kitty was rescued, and the little owner rejoiced at her return. But the joy became double. Instead of one favorite, two kitties came home. We've done the cloning. We hope that the family got another friend and favorite soft toy. Welcome to our plush clinic. Our kind "Aibolites" will cure any soft friend and he will continue to please your children. Toy restoration is just one of the directions of our workshop. We can not only repair, recreate a plush pet, but also create a brand new one according to your photos, drawings or just descriptions. Individual tailoring guarantees that the toy will be unique.


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